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Citizens Against Nonconsensual Research 



Nationwide group, issues: nonconsensual experimentation

and DEW development transparency


July 24, 2012


Congressman  Waxman,

2204 RayburnHouseOfficeBuilding

Washington, DC20515

(202) 225-3976

Fx: (202) 225-4099


8436 West Third Street Suite 600

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Dear Congressman Waxman: 


We are writing to request a teleconference with you. We ask that you or your staff member respond to us, at your earliest possible convenience.   


This problem concerns a large group of people who are experiencing what seems to be unconsented testing/harassment with directed energy weapons.  This group is composed of everyday citizens, professional people, whistleblowers, and earlier experimentation survivors.   There is apparent involvement of the intelligence/military, in a covert capacity, directing these actions, along with contracted third party contractors, such as Blackwater (now Ze), Haliburton and others.  The wrongdoing — illegal and harmful acts, include this experimentation, harassment, as well as attempts to discredit the complaining victim or whistle blowing parties.


Directed Energy Weapons Definitions, Descriptions


In a sustainable and civilized world, ethics, in the development and use of electromagnetic (EM) devices is vital. EM energy is defined as the frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum, microwaves, the infrared frequencies, radio waves, extremely low frequency (elf) and others. All EM energies are radiation.


Many everyday devices use EM transmissions to work.  Our ipads, ipods, and cell phones use this technology, along with EM frequencies, microwaves, to transmit voices across the continent.  WiFi’s and other computers transmit via EM and radio frequencies. The space shuttle speaks to workers in the control room, via EM transmissions, from miles above the earth.


As electromagnetic device development occurred, in the scientific and medical communities, unfortunately many ethical and human rights violations also occurred.  The early years of development, were also the years of the Manhattan Project. The U.S. radiation experiments (1950 – 86) are one telling example of the how the rush to scientific development, in this field, resulted in unethical human experimentation. 


In her book, The Plutonium Files, Eileen Welsom chronicles the unlawful experimentation many Americans experienced at the hands of doctors and scientists they trusted. It was only years later, that the true nature of these harmful experiments were exposed.  


These were years of mushrooming experimentation, (1932 – 1986 ?) which seemed to encourage noncompliance with informed consent and helps with the issue of human victims of these nonconsensual experiments. We need to move forward, as a nation that honors ethics, and Constitutional guarantees, for all of its citizens. Admitting past (and possibly present) noncompliance, helps us do this.


 The  Church Senate Subcommittee hearings in 1974, helped to reveal that the U.S. was conducting nonconsensual experimentation: the MKUltra experiments, on American children and unwitting Americans. Some of the defined goals of this experimentation were:


                        a. To research techniques to impose control over the

                            will of an individual, including neuron surgery,

                            electric shock and drugs and hypnosis;

                        b. To design and test septal electrodes that would enable

                            Defendannts directly to control human behaviour; 1.   


During the Church Senate Subcommittee Hearings these experiments were found to be unethical and illegal. The CIA and the military were directed to find unwitting citizens who had been experimented on and notify them of these tests in 1976.  To date, it would seem that  this has not happened. 2


Our group is formed to specifically  deal with current  abuses, and nonconsensual testing, of directed energy weapons, and other testing, by the military/intelligence community and third party contractors, engaged.   We applaud, Senator Waxman, your necessary and pertinent investigation into the Ze or Blackwater Security firm in North Carolina for present and past abuses.  We believe this oversight and investigation is vital to effectively dealing with these abuses. We support your work in this area.  (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/10/22/AR2007102202169.html).   


The transmission of EM energy from one point to another is silent and unseen. Using miniaturized portable devices, it is possible to test and harass a human subject in one apartment from another, in one room from another, in one building from another. Even though it is illegal, it is very hard to prove that a transmission of microwaves or EM signals, is occurring.

Some EM devices can cause human muscles to spasm, and vibrate, and it can cause nerve pain. This targeting, with bioelectric weapons, can occur in the individual’s home, workplace or on the street. These weapons, such as one that “tentanizes muscles” 3. as one might be walking into a store to shop,  transmit silent unseen, electromagnetic energy, for a  specific purpose (often some sort of  targeted   experimentation or harassment).


High levels of microwave transmitted to the head can cause a ringing or buzzing sound to occur. Long term exposures, to these devices can cause migraine headaches,

kidney problems, changes at the cellular level, and other pathologies.

Military intelligence development of these devices as weapons, has produced the taser, acoustic heterodyne, active denial system and other EM based weaponry. These weapons and devices, continue in their development. Our ipads, ipods and Blackberries combine the capabilities of computer databases and cellular telephones. The U.S. military spoke of “shock and awe” in its Iraqi military action. They refer to a device called the “Voice of God” to frighten Iraqi ground troops. This is a microwave audio (form of EM) transmission device.

Nonconsensual Human Subject Testing, Unethical, Violates American Law


The nonconsensual testing, many citizens are experiencing is wrong. It is morally wrong. It is also a violation of  national and international law.  Our very strong intentions are to get this stopped. Citizens must be notified of involvement in earlier CIA tests.  Later human subjects, must also be notified by testing agencies of the military/intelligence.  We seek effective action towards this goal.


We are working to get this stopped. We ask that you support our goals and speak with us to help our concentrated efforts to stop these violations of the human being, spirit and body. If the development of these devices does not proceed along ethical lines, and in accord with international law (developed upon exposure of outrageous abuses in Nazi Germany), human rights, as we now understand and  enjoy them, are severely jeopardized.

The ethical consideration, “what kind of a world are we making and leaving for our children?” presents a very vital, real question in this situation. The very sustainability of civilization itself, is threatened by this continued unauthorized human subject testing and EM  weapon development, in this manner. Current national and international laws need to be observed. Left unchecked, this problem may certainly involve our children, grandchildren and other innocent, unwitting and possibly, vulnerable populations.  This needs to be stopped, now. 


The Wilson Directive, the Nuremberg Code, 45 C.F.R. 46 (the Common Rule) and other laws, (including Executive Orders) and  accepted norms of practice need to be adhered to.  These activities need to be stopped, in accord with these rules, laws and international laws.  We ask that you speak with us, concerning this situation and read the literature, we provide and take our complaints and concerns, very seriously.  Thank you for your kind attention to our concerns.



                                                                      Lynn Weed,


                                                                      Sheila Epstein, R.N., FL

                                         Please see Signatory Page.

                                         Signatures, by “e” signature, verbal agreement and proxy.

                                         Representing 40, Nationwide and by association, 200









Reference 1.


1.  26 July 1963 Memorandum For: Director of Central Intelligence, Subject Report of Inspection of MKUltra

     ” Scope of the MKUltra Charter

. . .  Many additional avenues to the control of human behavior have been designated by the TSD management as appropriate to investigation under the MKUltra Charter including radiation, electro-shock, various fields of psychology, psychiatry, sociology and anthropology, graphology, harassment substance and paramilitary devices and materials.”


Reference 2.

2Vietnam Veterans of America et al. v. CIA et al. CV 09-0037-CW,U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal 2009), Second Amended Order for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief Under U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes (Class Action), pp  8,9 # 13,14,15,16.  To wit:

#15. DEFENDANTS’ promise in the 1970s to locate the victims of their human

experimentation program, and to provide compensation and health care, proved to be hollow. DEFENDANTS never made a sincere effort to locate the survivors. . . . 



Reference 3.


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A Weapon for temporarily immobilizing a target subject  by means of muscular tetanization in which the  tetanization is produced by conducting a precisely-

modulated electrical current through the target. Because the electrical current is a close replication of the physiological neuroelectric impulses which control striated muscle tissue, it tetanizes the subject’s skeletal muscles without causing any perceptible sensation.      One source:  http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Pacer


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Description: a means of low-probability-of-intercept Radio Frequency (RF) communications. Concept, established using both a low intensity laboratory system and a high power RF transmitter



Hypersonic Sound System, Audio Spotlight both, DEW‘s.






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