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Rod Vienneau’s wife Clara survived the DuPlessis Orphanage abuses in her young life. She  is a very brave and courageous woman to come forward with her story. The BBC has produced her story.  Please access this BBC “Outlook” account of this important part of MKUltra abuses which occurred in Canada and in the United States:


We thank both Rod and Clara for their continuous and courageous work on this issue which must be resolved.

Kelb Members, Board

In an update on their case at the International Criminal Court (ICC), we are publishing this letter from their lawyer to the Vatican.
Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life

& Societies of Apostolic Life

Palazzo della Congregazioni


Fr. Sebastiano Paciolla, O.Cist

Piazza Pio XIII. 3

00193 Rome ITALY

Your reference: Prot. N. SpR. 953/2011

Dear Fr. Paciolla:

To assist you in evaluating the Petition Regarding the Duplessis Orphans, I am enclosing the following documents for your use:
1. Materials from the Canadian National Archives

2. Allocution of Jaques Hebert

3. Allocution of Dominique Bedard

4. Allocution of Dr. Jean Gaudreau

5. Allocution of Dr. Lazure

6. Allocution of Madame LeFebvre

7. Allocution of Leo-Paul Lauzon

8. Statutes of Quebec and related materials

We hope these official documents will help enlighten you about the gravity of the situation. It is our firm belief that final closure in this case may only come through the Church and the Holy Father.
Finally, I urge you above all to listen to the words of Quebec-born Clarina Duguay who is one of the Duplessis orphans: children born between the 1940s and 50s who were sent to psychiatric hospitals despite not being mentally ill. Clarina was forced to spend six and a half years in such a hospital and, as she told Jo Fidgen, the experience had a profound impact on her life.

of one of the Orphans. Ms. Duguay was interviewed by the BBC last month:


I urge you to take action now; these people have only a few years left. We are asking for your help in making the Orders involved understand the harm that was done to my clients.

Sincerely yours


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