European Union Ct Ruling Precedent

Rod V. (Canada/activist) has just sent this important ruling from the European Union concerning church and state child abuse liability. Both have liability according to this high court. An especially important ruling for MKUltra abuse survivors. Please read this very important New York Times article.
“… The human rights ruling put the issue in a more responsible and just context. It presumably opens the government to hundreds more liability claims in Ireland, and possibly even in other nations where church and state allowed sexual abuse in schools to go unpunished. …”

It sets a legal precedent for both church and state to be held legally liable for child abuse and molestation. Yes, it is very pertinent to abuses at the DuPlessis Orphanages and MKUltra abuses in general. This is a very, very positive ruling that can be used with the Canadian and American abuses. So very glad they made this ruling in Ireland. Thank you for sending. Really good news, Rod. Glad.


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