DuPlessis Orphans Demand Inquiry/Precedent

DuPlessis Orphans Demand Legal Inquiry
and Long Awaited Justice
Mrs.Navanethem Pillay

High Commissioner for Human Rights

3 february 2014
Object:Demanding a Royal Independant Inquiry into the Duplessis orphans case

Madam Pillay,
The Commission for Victims of Crimes against Humanity in the Duplessis Orphans case, wrote you a letter dated the 25 December 2013, we haven’t recieve any acknowledgement from the United Nations Human Rights Council, nor from yourself madam Pillay, having said this, Duplessis orphan Paul St Aubin, a native indian from the Wôlinak Reserve near Three Rivers Quebec, Canada, came to see me asking that i write a letter to the Minister of Justice of Quebec Bertrand St Arnaud. Paul St Aubin’s letter was sent by Canada Post this morning, i’m sending you a copy of his testimony, also to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper will recieve his copy with this email, the media, and to Attorney Jonathan Levy Washington DC. Paul St Aubin was placed by a government institution to work slave labor on a farm for a period of six years, he was only 11 years old at the time, then, a Quebec Court sent Paul St Aubin to a Psychiatric Hospital and forgotten by the State for 18 years, governments & UN Officials must read his letter. We also recieved this ruling which came to our attention a few days ago, proving how children were targeted by different countries such as Ireland ; Canada ; United States ; who performed unauthorized medical experiments on children who should have been protected, Canada and the Province of Quebec both signed the International Declaration on Human Rights 1945, the other 1948, neither one of these governments protected the thousands of Duplessis orphans who were tortured and murdered, experiments ranging from lobotomies, electroshocks, Mkultra, beaten & whipped and imprisonment from months to years and falsely labeled mentally retarded. We are demanding a Royal Independant Inquiry into the Duplessis orphans case.

The victims need to recieve a positive acknowledgement from the United Nations Human Rights Council, we must say Bravo to this ruling in Ireland, the Duplessis orphans must obtain Justice.

Rod Vienneau
Commission pour les Victimes de
Crimes contre Humanité (CVCCH)
Dossier des Orphelins de Duplessis
Président du Comité les Enfants
de la Grande Noirceur (C.E.G.N.)
Auteur du Livre “Les Enfants de la Grande Noirceur”
Auteur, Compositeur, Interprète Album “Grand Pré”
Joliette, Qc


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