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Paralegal, Human Rights Activist, Newswriter, Award Winner, Support for Disabled People from Helen Marshall, Borough Pres. Queens, NY, Writer for Able Newspaper, Long Island, Current Project Lynn-weed.squarespace.com
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  1. lynniehawthorne says:

    Does your organization address COINTELPRO and the corresponding TORTURE TIS go through because of insider government opportunism? I know the federal government silences many of us tis with false charges that keep us from being believed when we talk about microchips, economic and political blackballing, professional blackballing, etc. This keeps tis from demanding equal political and economic rights and accountability by the federal government for their malicious hate crimes and numerous other crimes against us.

    Are you doing anything for cointelpro victims and for excessive opportunism by inside government insiders who take everything from tis and give nothing except a cheap word in return. Look, they know they could be fair, and that is is the govts obligation to be fair to not only citizens, but also TIS–the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT aren’t fair because they are very smart yet not very moral and/also not very big of heart. Since no one knows about us, we are forgotten about and our rights are ignored.


    • keepkelb says:

      Dear Lynn Hawthorne, Yes, we do.
      My email is Lynnandmarie@live.com.
      Please feel free to contact me there.
      We are currently working on a Repeal FISA project, which we believe, will be a tremendous help to what we are experiencing, currently, and “cover of law”, which some agencies seem to be using to get away with this.
      Our Petition can be found at: Lynn-weed.squarespace.com
      Please feel free to sign and share, if you are in agreement.
      Also contact me at my email.
      Stay strong, in survival, Lynn
      Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Kelb, Inc.

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