McGill MKultra CA

Experimentation abuses believed funded by the CIA and nation of CA

The Allan Memorial Institute is located in an ominous mansion, formerly known as Ravenscrag, that looms over Rue McTavish at the foot of Mont Royal. The sinister stone building, said to be haunted, is befitting of the grisly experiment that occurred within its walls from 1957 to 1964: Project MK ULTRA. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) mind control project used unconsenting patients to test the effects of sensory deprivation, LSD, electroshock therapy, and other methods of controlling the human psyche. Although it may sound like something out of a dystopian sci-fi novel, these experiments were conducted at McGill, with devastating effects on the patients involved.

Project MK ULTRA was a large-scale attempt by the CIA to research behavioural modification and the effects of certain drugs and psychological treatments on the human mind. It consisted of 144 different subprojects related to the control of human behaviour, which were carried out in 89 different institutions, including universities. The experiments within each subproject varied in both their purpose and techniques—but many, including those undertaken at McGill, involved invasive and unethical research on unwitting human subjects.

The events of Project MK ULTRA are cloaked in mystery, as almost all of the records of the project were destroyed in 1973 by Richard Helms, the director of the CIA at the time.  Several boxes of records were subsequently uncovered in 1977, revealing sparse but important information regarding the nature of the experiments. Most of the information regarding the project comes from these files that were recovered, and from the Senate hearings that were held and which included interviews with former CIA employees involved in MK ULTRA. During the hearings, these members admitted to the purpose of the project, as well as the unethical nature of several of the experiments.

Media outlets in the 1960s and ’70s jumped on the story when it was revealed, sensationalizing  facts. This, combined with the few records that are still in existence, make the truth surrounding MK ULTRA murky.

Despite the shrouded nature of the project and the hazy details surrounding it, it is certain that unethical experiments were performed at many institutions, including McGill University.


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3 Responses to McGill MKultra CA

  1. Terry Parker says:

    Whats more disturbing, is the covert Nuremberg Code violations outside of Quebec, which are subject to major damage control, secrecy and concealment, and barred by the Statute of limitations act, as to proceed the courts. Imagine if you will, that JFK’s missing left temporal lobe brain tissue, was secretly utilized for a transplant upon a fourteen year old youth, and no where to address this hidden child abuse. Seems Johnny’s back, when I’m always reminded that the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society.

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Terry, yes, I know. However, the Statute of Limitations does not go into effect, until the abuse ends. This abuse continues. When we file a lawsuit, the Statute would not begin to run, because we are still experiencing the abuse. And based on the severity of the abuse, it may be able to be waived. The Nuremberg Code is not covert. It is a clear international law, which can be pleaded in the states. In some of the of the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo cases, it was pled, as being violated. International law can be pled in cases, in the nation states. I bought a book from Lawyer Ann Ginger, California, with several Abu Ghraib cases and Guantanamo cases, pled the Nuremberg Code along with other violations, as being violated. So legally, we are ok, there. Hope you are well. Good to hear from you. Best, Lynn

  2. Birgitta Abimbola Heikka says:

    These experiments did not just happen in the west but in other countries. I was a subject of the CIA’s Mk-Ultra experiment however I grew up in Nigeria (thousands of miles from the U.S.) How was this technology imported from the west to say African countries in the late 50’s and early 60’s? I was born in 1960 and I don’t remember any childhood memories of being in a lab or hospital. All negative mind traps such as shame, fear and extreme isolation/anxiety were achieved through flashes of images that were sent electronically. Mind breeding was also done the same way. I remember one day while in primary school and my teacher had sent me to buy biscuits from a neighborhood co-op store, when I brought the biscuits back to her, she gave me a piece of chocolate. As soon as I put this chocolate in my mouth, I almost vomited because it tasted very bitter.

    Instantly, heard a voice whisper to me: “It is not good to do good. What you get back is something bitter.” I was only 12 years old and already being bred to be opposite of my true self. I watched an interview of Aldous Huxley (author of Brave New World) with Mike Wallace yesterday. In the clip (done in 1958), some of what he said resonated with me: “Subliminal projection, playing on physiology and psychology, method of administration to brain and lastly VERBAL BOBBY TRAPS”—methods being used by governments to sabotage freedom of thoughts.

    It’s now more so than ever because a lab is not needed anymore. The verbal bobby traps and subliminal projections can now all be done through air waves and humans are in trouble.

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