Kelb Exchange

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Our Kelb Exchange is constructed to provide support, help and exchange, barter capabilities for our members and survivors.  Members may buy, sell, exchange, swap, or help, with services, goods, transportation and other needs through this “exchange”.  The payment need not always be monetary, it can be services in kind or other agreed arrangements.  It is created for our members, participating survivors and other groups with similar mission statements.

We will post the information and some of the situation (as the person allows or wishes) here and provide a method to reach out and exchange, here.

Contact members are Lynn: email:, Judith: email: Survivors wishing to work on this committee, please contact Lynn or Judith.

All  arrangements are made and exist solely between the members or survivors or friends.  Kelb has no responsibility or liability in fulfilling agreements or enacting informal or formal contracts between parties.

These are recent updates on our Kelb Exchange, 2013

Rosemary in Lancaster, PA is seeking help moving to a home closer to Philadelphia. She is seeking real estate with a “rent to own” lease as well as moving help.
She is a long time survivor, as well as a cancer survivor. Please contact Rosemary, Lynn or Judi.

Kathy is seeking a housemate for the house she rents in Georgia.  She has MD, but is self sufficient and wants to remain that way.  Negotiable rent in exchange for chores.  Please contact Kathy or Lynn.

Mary, in Vancouver Islands, Canada is renting rooms with baths for survivors and victims.  Her email is:

Many members face monthly, and weekly hardships. We are accepting donations for anonymous emergency food and utilities payments and redirecting them to the members and survivors in immediate need.  Please send them to our paypal account at:, with email addresses: and, or contact us for our bank account information.

Thank you, so much, for all of us.
Kelb, Co-Directorsand Members,
Survivors, please contact supportive members by email:Lynn at,  LynnandMarie@live.comJaye at,  Cindy at Beth at

Contributions to KELB’s human rights advocacy work can be made through our sister/fraternal organization, CANR, at:

and through, either open an account or use an existing account. Once on your paypal site, send to our email address: or

Donations can also be sent directly to our bank account by contacting us at Thank you.

Disclaimer: Our advocacy is directly for issues and events stated, defined and described, on our website and individual web pages. Those are our sole advocacy. Claims, concerning other events, beliefs, stated offenses and events, and parties responsible, concerning our claims are not those of Kelb and we do not advocate for, nor support them.
We advocate solely and exclusively for what we state on our site and webpages. Internet connections to our site do not represent our organizational work, concerns and issues.


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