ABC Outline


An undertaking of this nature has many components. We’ve briefly explained them:

  • Outreach with nonconsensual experimentation victims
  • Civil Action Law Claim
  • Research for our claims and these forms of abuse
  • Dialogue with professionals on the many aspects of this issue
  • Outreach Projects
  • Press outreach and publication (distribution of a KELB Press Package)
  • Public Education
  • Survivor Support

We ask that you survey our various pages on this website and their content.  These are constructed with the intent of supporting our long-term goals.  Thank you for your participation.
Directors and Members

Contributions to KELB’s human rights advocacy work can be made through our sister/fraternal organization, CANR, at:

and through, either open an account or use an existing account.        Once on your paypal site, send to our email address: or

Donations can also be sent directly to our bank account by contacting us at       Thank you.

Disclaimer: Our advocacy is directly for issues and events stated, defined and described, on our website and individual web pages. Those are our sole advocacy. Claims, concerning other events, beliefs, stated offenses and events, and parties responsible, concerning our claims are not those of Kelb and we do not advocate for, nor support them.
We advocate solely and exclusively for what we state on our site and webpages. Internet connections to our site do not represent our organizational work, concerns and issues.


8 Responses to ABC Outline

  1. Tanya Zar says:

    Hello, I would like to know if there are any contacts in Louisiana, specrically the New Orleans area.

    • keepkelb says:

      Dear Tanya,
      If you will post to me at my email address:, we can exchange information on what you have asked. We believe survivors (many of whom have experienced traumatic events) are entitled to privacy and we don’t exchange that information on the site. Thank you so much for your interest and concern and please contact me for an information exchange.
      All of our best to you,
      Kelb, Inc.
      Non-profit advocacy for non-consensual experimentation and abuse

  2. paul joseph pasternak says:

    hello,my name is paul pasternak. i am a ‘survivor’ of mk ultra/search[to the best of my knowledge,these programs] in 1965,my father,told my sisters and myself,of my uncles'[walter p pasternak]involvment with the cia. i was 5 years old.naturaly,i questioned uncle walter,about his involvment in what is known as ‘the gang that couldn’t spray straight’,at his home in new york state[we were on vacation]as a result of my questions,uncle w. had to file a ‘contact report’ with cia. the next day,he brought home his boss.i cant remember his name,but think it was a color. needless to say,they were not happy,my father and uncle,later that night fighting.we left the next day. the next summer vacation,i missed,having woke up one morning unable to walk. i was then held in hospital for a number of months.this happened at sisters of mercy hospital,in cairo,il.the things that happened there i will not relate at this time,as the memories ar still new and vivid,involving th death of minority children. one story i will speak of,that of a girl,who escaped,she was brought in to the hospital,very battered,and un consious[sic]when she came to,she begged to be kept safe ,dont let them have me. she spoke of germans and abuse. she was histarical,learning that her friend who had aided her,had died in an ‘accident’.the doc.s[not involved] drugged her. later that night,men came and spoke with her,drugged her again and took her away for some hours. the next morning,she was back. a 100% diffrent person-by that i mean,she denounced what she had said the day before,spoke diffrently,used a diffrent name,she even looked like some one else. as i was 6 years old,i’ll guess she was late teens to mid twenties. she left with ‘them’,late one night. i never saw her again. then they started on me. the next year we moved to the chicago area. i could see stateville prison from my bedroom window.there i became a subject of who i now believe to be josef mengele. this is all i can convay right now,as i am in public,and at 53 years old,these memories,have the power to make me cry uncontrolably. i want to thank the founders of this site,along with every one with the guts to speak out. paul pasternak,jan.15,2013 [please forgive my spelling!

  3. paul j pasternak says:

    paul pasternak,here. more time on the subject,more memories,looks like 1963 first remembered contact,german doctor,kraus,had twin boys,and e.c.t. my sister and my self. parents were us navy,my gestation over long. gonna fight this stuff. 9-11,9-11 plus ten years,in play. 51 years,lotsa stories.

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Paul, yes, understand. My father was in the Navy, 1951. Possibly writing down the memories as they come, might be an assist? up to you. Thanks for posting. That’s what we intend to do. My email is (Marie is my middle name), when you can, post to me and we can exchange information. I am sorry this happened to you. in survival, Lynn

  4. ggammel says:

    God bless and keep you, dear Paul Pasternak, and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. May He heal you from your head to your toes. Lean into Him, for He is with you always and adores you. Have faith in Him, for Jesus is coming again to take us. May all the heinous criminals who hurt and humiliated you come to justice. May you have the peace of God which passes understanding. You are precious in His sight. I am praying for you and all the other survivors of these criminals. Cathy O’Brien has been my hero ever since I first heard her speak. I admire her more than any woman alive today. She is a hero of Biblical proportions, a national treasure for articulating the truth and representing so man, despite her own humiliating horrible painful experiences, she is Christ-like, salt and light. I pray for the multitude of victims, so many many more than we can possibly ever know. Bless you day and night, waking and sleeping. May angels bear you up and keep you from all harm, in Jesus Name.

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi ggammell on ABC Outline,
      We have posted with Paul. I hope he is o.k.
      When you have time, would you contact me at: and let me what is going on with you. If you can let me know what state you are in, that would be helpful.
      We are currently working on a project to Repeal FISA, in the states, (if you are in the U.S).
      It is explained in
      If you are in agreement, would you sign and share? Thank you.
      The link to sign is on the last page, labelled Repeal FISA.
      Let me know how you are.
      sending prayer, strong thoughts for survival,
      Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Kelb, Inc.

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