Ewen Cameron (along with Sydney Gottlieb an originator of Project MKUltra) was overheard to have said that the Quakers were perfect subjects for MKUltra Project testing. Apparently he considered their way of life “not sane”. Because of their laws, values and the way they lived, apparently he felt their vulnerability would make them good test subjects. And that they would keep Cameron’s “secret”.

Many survivors who understand that they were MKUltra Project test subjects, have Quaker heritages in their background.

One notable worker on these issues, Eldon Byrd (former Navy DARPA member) helped us tremendously in defining the “new” weapons tested on subjects. He worked on projects with Cheryl Welsh to illustate the workings of directed energy weapons.

Eldon unfortunately passed away in Illinois in 2002 from liver cancer. Liver cancer can be caused by over exposure to radiation, electromagnetic activity and microwaves, a form of radiation. He left us too soon and is tremendously missed by all survivors who had the wonderful treasure of his friendship. We continue the work. Many believe his spirit works with us.

Blanche, a survivor, actually worked with Gottlieb as a teacher in Quaker schools in upstate, New York. She attests to the facts that Quaker children became test subjects of these horrendous programs.

It is understood that Gottlieb later felt tremendous guilt for these “tests” on vulnerable children and retired to a goat farm and volunteered, working with people facing physical challenges.

The survivors deal with their memories and work towards rectification.



Our impression and viewpoints on Sidney Gottlieb and the MKUltra project are notably different than the authors in the following link:

Our responses are similar concerning Ewen Cameron, whose title of psyciatrist was revoked after the revelations of the McGill University “tests”, which appeared to be a form of torture. Link:

Ewen Camera, montreal (above)

CIA MKUltra Operation, Bluebird, Artichoke and others



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    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Deeptruth,
      Yes, the Quakers are part of MKUltra. Cameron felt it was o.k. to experiment on Quakers. I’m the 16th generation of a Quaker family from New York.
      We are working towards resolution, to get the abuses stopped and help survivors. Please contact me, and let us know how you are affected by this. Thank you.

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