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AirPlane Lists, Unconstitutional? Lawsuit

Plane Lists, Unconstitutional? Lawsuit Associated Press US judge: Terror watchlist violates constitutional rights By MATTHEW BARAKAT, Associated Press 3 days ago ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — The government’s watchlist of more than 1 million people identified as “known or suspected terrorists” … Continue reading

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FISA Repeal, Vital,

If in agreement, Please Sign and Share: One noteworthy victim of Cointelpro activities was the actress Jean Seberg and her subsequent suicide.  13.   Because of her support for the Black Panther Party, actress Jean Seberg was targeted for ‘neutralization’ … Continue reading

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Repeal FISA Repeal FISA Repeal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ActFISATitle 50, Chapter 36 The following “Repeal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA Title 50 Chapter 36” is Workproduct of Kelb, Inc., Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Any resemblance noted, is coincidental. This … Continue reading

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Ltr Paul

Dear Senator Paul:

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Sydney Gottlieb/CIA Frank Olson 1953: Central Intelligence Agency director Allen Dulles authorizes the MK-ULTRA project. The agency launches one of its most dubious covert programs ever, turning unsuspecting humans into guinea pigs for its research into mind-altering drugs. More … Continue reading

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CIA Torture Rpt

CIA Torture Report New York Times Outlines 7 Points 1. The C.I.A.’s interrogation techniques were more brutal and employed more extensively than the agency portrayed. The report describes extensive waterboarding as a “series of near drownings” and suggests that … Continue reading

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