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Please contact us on any of the pages or issues, you have viewed, here.  If you are an MKUltra survivor, or believe that you may be an MKUltra Project survivor, please contact us, with your contact information, if you wish.

Also if you believe a friend or a family member may have been exposed to these project tests, please feel free to contact us to strategize, “where to go from here?”  It’s no small situation.  Thank you and thank you for viewing our site.




Contributions to KELB’s human rights advocacy work can be made through our sister/fraternal organization, CANR, at:

and through  http://www.paypal.com, either open an account or use an existing account.        Once on your paypal site, send to our email address:  LynnandMarie@live.com or judes2010@gmail.com

Donations can also be sent directly to our bank account by contacting us at LynnandMarie@live.com.       Thank you.

Disclaimer: Our advocacy is directly for issues and events stated, defined and described, on our website and individual web pages. Those are our sole advocacy. Claims, concerning other events, beliefs, stated offenses and events, and parties responsible, concerning our claims are not those of Kelb and we do not advocate for, nor support them.
We advocate solely and exclusively for what we state on our site and webpages. Internet connections to our site do not represent our organizational work, concerns and issues.


9 Responses to B.B. Contact KELB

  1. andy boulton says:

    I mhave briefly sdcanned your site and just ti try and cut cornerrs for mutual benefit I will ask you a straight question. I am certain that I am the subject of illegal, non-consential experimentation and have been implanted with a microchip that not only tracks my movement but monitors my brain activity. They virtually know what I am doing next. I am in the UK but this is still illegal and I want to know how I can prove it and make it stop. I found you through Jerry Duffets posting on Sir David Ickes website

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Andy, There is another site we work with : http://www.CANRnonconsensual.weebly.com , which defines directed energy weapons. These have been tested in some of the MKUltra projects. Many of the MKULtra projects included placing implants in the brain. In the early years, they called them “radiologic devices or instruments” that could be read from a distance or up close. Please read about the vets’ case : Vietnam Veterans of America, et al. v. C.I.A., et al. They speak of implants in that experimentation. And yes, it is all illegal, in the U.S., England and internationally.
      If you can access the case: Hamurabi v. Pfizer, you can read how human experimentatation without consent is illegal.
      Contact me at Lynnandmarie@live.com. The current lawsuits against the MSA are very pertinent and important.
      Thank you for posting and please contact me. and please keep in survival.
      all my best, Lynn Bowne Weed Lynnandmarie@live.com http://www.keepethicallightburning.org

  2. Susan Jeanne Kennedy says:

    I am looking for advocates for freedom and people I can trust with the truth.
    My name is Susan Jeanne Kennedy, I am a Christian woman. I am looking for others who know that this is occurring in this world. Because of what I am stating below, I need to get help to get the imaging I need from a trusted doctor either in the States or in your country so that we can prove this. I have very sensitive information that is not included in this letter. I have to find someone I can trust. Can you help. You have permission to show this to a doctor or an attorney who may recognize this technology for what it is capable of. I feel as if I am in a concentration camp. Big Brother turned into interrogation and torture by the New World Order.
    I am following up with the information I have about the technology that is in my Visual Cortex. This Ocular Transmitter that they originally called an Ocular Eye Implant is capable of;
    1) Transmitting the voices of others. It can sound as if they are outside my head or in my head.
    2) Reading my thoughts, It seems as if different layers of thought show up on the monitor as bigger or smaller letters, depending on the consciousness of them.
    3) The monitor that they look at is viewing the same thing I am viewing.
    4) They say that they see a hologram of my body with the nanotechnology it sees a skeletal vview with organs intact.
    5) They can determine my moods as they change, they have my vitals as well.
    6) Parts of the brain are read as I think, and they tell me that.
    7) They can show me things(visual stimuli)slides, lead my dreams and it also can appear as if I am looking though a camera lens at them.
    8) The technology also includes lasers,ie: Ghostly images, Aura’s etc.
    9) They use nerve taps to send shooting or stabbing pain to pin pointed anatomy.
    10) They also use something they called a molecular driver, this feels as if the water molecules in my body are moving magnetically, up and down.(sexually abusive)
    11) They can make it seem as if I am moving when I am not, they also can move my eyes across the page when I am reading.
    12) They use an I.P. Translator to bring up my body as an address.
    12) They say that this is the New World Order and the Devils Program.
    13) I have had this Ocular Transmitter as a 1976 Program of the President and the CIA. They say that I have been though many of the CIA’s Programs since the age of sixteen.

    I have heard the name of many programs some of these include; Pandora’s Box, they downloaded my history with Nanotechnology, a result of a covert operation run Conintelpro.
    Black Fryer is another name I pick up during this observation turned into Mind Control.
    I have lost my home as a result of this Mind Control they made sure this happened so that I didn’t have collateral when I finally got my head on and could explain the technology and it’s capabilities. I am in danger of receiving brain damage and de-programming if I don’t get help soon.
    Some of the people I hear are people from my past and the voice of one Michael Cichon and Nicki Parson’s as well as the voices they say are Channel 7 with my siblings. I know that they are using voice synthesizers to cover up their voices, but when my voice recognition and pattern skills where recognized they stopped using them. I other words I know exactly who some of these people are, and I know that this leads to this Presidents Program that my siblings who I don’t ever have conversations with and don’t even know me, consented to. I developed DID (dissociative disorder) during the time that this mind control took place, they made sure that my behavior scared everyone. The CIA gathered up the people I know in-order to use them to transmit their voices and use them to give me brain damage.
    They are saying that this is the biggest conspiracy in world history against me. The Government they say, is backed into a corner by Channel 7, one of my family members is married to someone who is working for Channel 7.
    They say that I was being used as a form of pornography in the highest of Government circles as well as the law enforcement that got involved with this. This sounds unlikely but I am hearing the voices of just about everyone I knew in my past. They saying right now, ” That this is all those people serving my sister’s personal vendetta against me”.
    They started to hurt me just now, I have them giving me shooting pain in my forehead. I think that means that they don’t want me to write much more about this.
    Please I need someone to help me. They have already compromised my records through out this three year time that the mind control has been going on.
    1)* Northrup Grunmann is doing the satellite telemetry.
    2)*Army Corp. of Engineer Technology is being used.
    3)*My sister met someone in her real estate dealings who were in the Freemason’s and were connected with the CIA, found out about these programs and completely lied to get me into the experimentation part of it. They say I was supposed to be mentally ill to deserve this death sentence. I have never heard anyone say that in my life, not even my doctors or family have said this. I know they have my history and they say that between my addiction to medication and my actions when I was “all trained up” by these people that they put it together for others to witness and it sounds like they have fooled just about every one and now they are to participate in running my mind 24/7. They say that this is a death sentence, but they are committing every crime they can short of killing me with this hands off technology. Again, I know these people but can’t afford a private detective.
    I know that these people in the CIA have not killed me yet because they are studying my mind with the other people involved with technology and Singularity and other people who know that Illuminati is not to be confused with mental illness. These people know that I am connected with everything that is…and the Universe. In fact my dreams often come true… they tell me who is involved. They have seen these dreams and tell me that they will make sure they don’t come to pass.
    1) They say I don’t hear like a normal person.
    2) I read their minds constantly without technology.
    3) They think that I am Christ and they interrogate me based on my Illuminati experiences, with the Devil.
    I need someone to help me find a person, people or organization who can help with the expenses to get the imaging though a doctor that I can trust. These people are running the Devils Program and say that they have found the Christ with a lot of bad behavior and they promise me that they are here to kill me. They also have accused me of being from another planet and the interrogation goes on all day long. Please I need someone to call and help me before I might never be able to recover from this. I need to get a protection order from the Federal Government.
    Again they say that this is the biggest conspiracy against me that has ever existed. You may be approached with threats not to help me, please don’t listen, I am human. They treat me as if I am not. I don’t know how I have survived this, damages include teeth, broken bones, head injuries, near car accidents, car accident, almost the killing of my dog and other humans around me. I am in recovery and know their mind control “games” have turned into torture. Please call, I need help. They bring me close to death then let me recover and do it again. Sometimes timing my heart rate at 200 plus minutes when in bed. I have experiences with Illuminati that I would like to discuss with someone too. (707)223-2753.


    Susan Jeanne Kennedy

  3. Pierre Samson says:

    I am one of Ewen Cameron MK Ultra project survivor, 65 yrs. old. Do “not” use the Email. My last one got hijacked. Call me @ 1-604-364-6496, I have documents from the government to prove it. Thank you for all your efforts and support, from all of us. Pierre

  4. Alberta says:

    I pay a visit every day some websites and websites to read articles, however
    this website offers quality based posts.

    • keepkelb says:

      Thank you Alberta. We try hard to be credible and stay within the realm of reason. Glad you are accessing us and reading our posts. Please continue to read our pages. All the best to you, Lynn Bowne Weed, Co-Chairwoman, Kelb, Inc. keepethicallightburning.org

  5. Nicole says:

    Thank you for this public service.
    I sent a letter to Lynnandmarie@live.com a couple of times. It is apparent that my email is not dependable as a communication method, at times. However, I have managed to be in touch with Judith Stringfield and she suggested that I contact ‘Lynn,’ so here is another attempt. My email is included in the reply information. Thank you for your time.

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