Current Projects

Continuing, ongoing conferencing, collaboration on our issues, relief for survivors, and funding.
Latest is action concerning abuses exposed concerning the NSA unauthorized “spying”. We follow and support the ACLU, EFF and Rand Paul activities concerning these exposures.

Email connections and Kelb Newsletters/Briefs serve as shared information, and comment sources. They also often act as “seed” exchanges for our projects and actions.

Letter to Senator Feinstein 4/17/14
Letter to Senator Wyden
Letter to Senator Waxman
Letter to Senator Sanders



Project: Conference, Manhattan,

Non-consensual Experimentation, Literature, History, Speakers

In creation, production phase.


2011 Washington, D.C. Bioethics Committee, Kelb Members attended.  Counseled, edited, supported testimonies before commission.  Sent letter in support of testimonies, found at “Kelb Letter/BioEthics”.

Outreach to Kathryn Reverby, Wellesley, MA, researcher who uncovered Guatemalean nonconsensual syphillis experiments.  Follow up on her phone call to Kelb.


Support submittance of proposed EM Law to Vermont, New York legislators for passage.

Electromagnetic, Chemical and Biological Instruments, Nonlawful Use Act.

KELB is sponsoring the proposal of this act, written by KELB members in Vermont and New York.

Ken Rhoades Meets Congressman Ron Paul in Florida
August 15, 2010                                  Orlando, FL

Ken Rhoades, KELB Member and survivor of many years, travelled to Florida, met Lisa from Wisconsin and together these two survivors attended a conference whose members included, Ron Paul, A Republican Congressman for the 14th congressional district of Texas, and physician.

Mr. Paul has recently published several position papers on experimental RFID chips and chip implants in the human body and their dangers. He has also expressed great concern about this as a dangerous “overreach” of the American government, with serious concerns for privacy and humanity.

At the Conference, Ken spoke with Ron Paul, his organization manager and several members of his group. Ken described the problem we are dealing with, concerning directed energy weapon harassment, unwitting RFID implantation, and other non-consensual experimentation. He presented Mr. Paul with literature and videos on the subject. They shook hands. In speaking with Ken, Mr. Paul assured Ken that he would read the information, watch the video and maintain contact with him, on these issues, after the conference.

At a later part of the conference, Lisa brought up the issue of the military industrial complex.

The meeting was productive and we look forward to further meetings and exchanges of information, leading to action on this very serious issue.

Ron Paul is a Texas Congressman who has made several speeches about the dangers of RFID implantation and the potential threat of some current legislation, which may make it mandatory for Americans to become implanted with one.  He speaks of the dangers to privacy and civil rights.  We support him in his position and Ken Rhoades has made great strides in speaking with and meeting with Ron Paul and informing him of the abuses we are experiencing and has given him information.  This is a very positive step in this work.

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KELB Conference      MKUltra Experience

Call in No. Talkshoe: (724) 444-7444

Rm. # 80812          Pin #1
Date and Time:    June 30, 2010

Wednesday Evening, 8:30 p.m., EST, 6:30 p.m., MST, 5:30 p.m., PST
Please join us.
This conference focuses specifically on MKUltra Project testing in 1947 –  1986 (possibly later).  The CIA, military and other groups tested unwitting Americans in projects such as “Bluebird”, “Artichoke”, “Monarch, “Pandora” and others. This conference is for and about those who believe they were unwittingly involved in these tests.

Ann Earle, abuse therapist, will be with us.  Participants can feel free to discuss any aspect of this experience they feel comfortable with. Exchanges and referrals will be available for those who want this.  Discussing experiences, memories, retrieving memories, and dealing with this experience. How to integrate this into our lives.

This is a place to deal with the question, “Am I a survivor of MKUltra testing?” Positive group talk to deal with this issue.

We look forward to meeting with everyone.

Joint Moderators:
(moderation will be fair and equitable)
Ann Earle, MSW, LSCD
Psychologist, Therapist
Duke University, NC, Practice
Human Rights Activist

Lynn Weed
Paralegal, New York City, NY
Human Rights AdvocateFriends and Relatives of the Institutionalized Aged, FRIA
Former Vice President Resident Council
Award Recipient, Helen Marshall, Queens Borough President
KELB, Co-Director

Jaye Stringfield
Former Air Force
Social Worker, Case Management
Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales
Human Rights Advocate
KELB Director

Sheila Epstein, Registered Nurse

Human Rights Activist

Paralobbyist, Congress,KELB Co-Director

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