Help us Repeal FISA, Please

It’s the Christmas Season.
And we’re out of manila envelopes
And our internet bill is due.
We’ve paid our non-profit fees
But we can’t buy envelopes.
$5 can help us, at Kelb, Inc., continue
with some of the most important work we may ever do.
So many have been hurt, harmed by FISA,
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Title 50, Chapter 36 of the Federal Code).
FISA, relative of Crointelpro, and McCarthy’s Black List, has many suicides, divorces,
family feuds, slanders, lost careers and tragedies, of American citizens, in its wake.
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Keep the Ethical Light Burning, Kelb, Inc.)
Repeal FISA
“… To be placed on the Blacklist (1956), an innocent comment, such as actor Will Geer made, praising the Russian theater, resulted in him being placed on the Blacklist. This negatively impacted his acting career. Lucille Ball’s grandfather was on a Communist Party roll. That got her placed on the “List”. Similarly, in 2019, with FISA enacted, it is possible that one’s conversation with an Afghanistani or Iranian taxi driver, about life and war, and one’s perceptions, could get one on the FISA list.
We all have thoughts on the theater, Russian or other, life, and war. Should merely voicing them, put U.S. military intelligence in our bedrooms – and put us at the risk of directed energy surveillance devices/ weapons, which DARPA furnishes to military contractors doing the surveillance, as allowed by Title 50, Chapter 36? 1.
Normally, warrants require “probable cause”, that a crime is being planned or committed. But FISA warrants do not. They require only that the FBI show probable cause to believe that “the target of the electronic surveillance is a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power.”2. Iam not, nor never have been, an agent of a foreign power. You are not. We,
are not.
This was the same prerequisite of the earlier Cointelpro activities and Black List. Will Geer praised the Russian theater, therefore, “he must be a Communist.”
A very flawed reasoning, then, had these people placed on a “list”, resulting in their lives and careers, being ruined….”
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