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Hi Everyone,

Sending updates for our ongoing projects, advocacies and work on our issues. Hope all are o.k. NYc has seen her share of unbelievable experiences, but she still stands strong, with intent to move forward. I am in awe of my adopted city. Our work continues. We have met some new, very intent people and long-time survivors, and we are sharing with them, as well as our long time working, suffering, and very intent fellow survivors, victims and Friends. We believe, that pushing forward with our Repeal FISA Project:

is vital. Through our continuing work, we have over 718 signatures on our petition. Understanding the nature of the violations of human rights, due process and constitutional guarantees that we have experienced, is very important for the support, we need to end these abuses.

Our full Legal Reasoning can be viewed on We urge you to read this. It explains how this began and the steps we urgently need to take to end the abuses, this Act, in the U.S. presents. For our international members, we urge you to read our reasoning, too. There are more than likely similar Acts, Codes, Laws in your countries which present the same abuse of human liberties. We remind you that the U.N.’s Convention Against Torture and the Nuremberg Code are international law which can be pled in most countries. We support you in all of your actions and are very grateful for all the support and help you have given to us, in the U.S. Let’s continue to work together, regardless of weather, viruses, and all the uphill battles we are currently involved in. We continue to be there, for each other!

We have received much information from people, who have been vaccinated, almost against their will and their children. They have suffered very serious side effects, to the point of death for some of them. There are additives to the vaccines, such as aluminum and mercury, which the body is not to receive in these amounts. The effects on children is very bad. Some once healthy babies, now, have autism or physical and neurophysical disabilities for life. Doctors and teachers have been using psychological almost “ops” to get them to vaccinate. They are not told of the possible side effects and that their children may not go to into school without the vaccines. They are not given the warning pamphlets. Some have gotten them on their own.

After the fact, they received the warning pamphlets, which often their physicians had not read. Some of the side effects are neurological symptoms, MS, autism and other disabilities, including death. Some have unforgiveably watched their children die. As with our group, we support this invasion of biological liberty (as in MKUltra experimentation on children, military men, and others) and the ability to knowledgeably consent to any medical act. On my Facebook Page can be found many of their stories. Many, who have become activists in this cause, against non-consensual experimentation, have reported the effects, of the surveillance we abuses we suffer. Often not all of it, but very significant recognizeable parts.

Will be sending out some of the posts.

It seems that Nunes has come out against FISA. He wants to end FISA.

‘Lambs’ has joined the companies offering protection, as Less EMF. A little pricey, but looks effective. Joined with other shielding, looks like it can help. Many believe more are being effected. More activists in other cause areas, seem to be targeted. Have given common sense advice, to those reaching out.

Shields from emf

Aluminum and mercury, currently present in most vaccines have been shown to retard brain development in young babies (who currently, according to physicians’ wishes are receiving several vaccines on their first “well baby” visit), and possibly autism. Sending Letter from Physicians for Informed Consent:

The FDA states that if some vaccines did not include aluminum (i.e., aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate) as an adjuvant, the immune response they trigger may be diminished. Therefore, aluminum is included in many vaccines on the childhood schedule, including the following: hepatitis B (HepB), Haemophilus influenzae type b (PedvaxHIB), pneumococcal (PCV), hepatitis A (HepA), human papillomavirus (HPV), meningococcal B (MenB), and diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP and Tdap). “Vaccines are administered preventively to healthy people, not people with acute or chronic infections, so it’s crucially important to know the safety data upon which one’s recommendations are based,” said Dr. Miller. “PIC developed the Aluminum VRS to help families and their physicians advance their understanding of the risks of aluminum adjuvants, so they may engage in informed decision-making.” Parents and caregivers are encouraged to discuss the Aluminum VRS educational documents with their children’s doctor.

To read the Aluminum VRS or to download it, please visit Continuing attempts to “chip” so very many. Many survivors have found they do have chips implanted. We work to remove them. Much easier said than done. Inhuman. This was just posted concerning the DOD’s intentions. Our advice, “say” no.

Spychips has excellent advice and information: The dangers of RFID chips implanted in humans and the other than humane purposes intended, with this.

The following group has gathered over 800,000 signatures on their Petition against the Mandating of Vaccination. A Bill needs to be written following or with this Petition — “no more Mandates”. Meantime, if you are in agreement with this Petition, would you Sign and Share. Thank you, so much. The no informed consent aspect, is right in line with our fight. Court cases won on this issue, will positively affect our work to get into court, with case law perogatives. Please participate. Much, much appreciated, always.

Donations to Kelb, Inc. and our work, gratefully accepted at using password There is still much work to be done in getting both issues to our Congress: The Repeal FISA Project and a Bill to end mandates for vaccines and other medical procedures (Nuremberg Code) (an end to non-consensual human experimentation). every paperclip costs, every trip to D.C. costs, every printing of copies runs into money. Any funds sent are put to good use and move us forward to necessary efforts to end this abuse. and is much appreciated. Thank you.

Well, we’ve sent you some pertinent news on our issues. The targeting, abuse continues. One of our best resources, especially in these turbulent times, is “us”. Let’s keep working that way. Thanks. All my best, in insistent survival, Lynn Weed Keep the Ethical Light Burning, Kelb, Inc.