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KELB’s mission is the cessation of unauthorized human subject testing. We join Physicians Against Torture in their efforts on behalf of detainees.

Please support us, as we assist Physicians Against Torture in this effort. We are in our inception and we ask for your financial support as we lend our hands and our voices to this cause. Thank you.

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On June 7, Physicians for Human Rights released a report that concludes that the Bush administration may have conducted illegal and unethical human experimentation and research on detainees in CIA custody. This research, if proven to have occurred, could violate the Geneva Conventions, the Common Rule, the Nuremberg Code and other international and domestic prohibitions against illegal human subject research and experimentation.

Not only are these alleged acts gross violations of human rights law, they are a grave affront to America’s core values.

Physicians for Human Rights, together with Amnesty International, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Center for Victims of Torture, Human Rights Watch, International Rehabilatation Council for Torture Victims, the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, and Psychologists for Social Responsibility, has filed a complaint based on evidence of  CIA experimentation with the Office of Human Research Protection. The complaint demands that OHRP launch a full investigation into possible human experimentation by the CIA.

The OHRP, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, is responsible for ensuring that federally funded research involving human subjects complies with scientific and human rights-based regulations. OHRP has a long history of sanctioning powerful institutions that violate US law protecting human subjects in research.

The elected officials have failed in their duty to investigate apparent CIA wrongdoing. It’s time to get the experts involved.

Take action now by joining the OHRP complaint. Anyone world-wide can officially join the complaint just by signing below. You will add your name to a list of thousands of people calling for justice. You will not be asked to come to court, nor will you need to take further action. By signing your name, you will have demanded an official investigation into deeply disturbing allegations of illegal CIA experimentation on detainees.

The integrity of America’s commitment to human rights and the rule of law stands in the balance.

  • Director of Compliance and Oversight Division Kristina Borror

    Recent reports by Physicians for Human Rights and a paper by Renée Llanusa-Cestero in “Accountability in Research” raise concerns that the CIA’s Office of Medical Services (OMS) conducted research and experimentation on detainees in US custody and, in the process, likely violated federal regulations governing human subject research carried out by United States Government entities. These regulations are known as The Common Rule (45 CFR 46). The CIA is one of seventeen federal agencies required by law to adhere to The Common Rule when conducting federally funded research on human beings.

    The Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) should initiate immediately an official investigation into experimentation by the CIA on detainees in its custody based upon the following evidence of wrongdoing detailed in declassified government documents:

    (1) The collection by OMS health professionals of data from detainees in order to derive generalizable knowledge of the effects on detainee subjects of “enhanced interrogation” techniques. These techniques, which have serious potential to cause harm, included sleep deprivation, waterboarding, sensory deprivation and overload. It appears that data also was collected on the impact of techniques both when used individually and when applied in combination;

    (2) The collection of data from detainees subjected to the technique of the waterboard in order to develop new methods and procedures for its application, including the experimental use of potable saline in place of water to reduce the risk of hyponatremia;

    (3) The CIA’s apparent failure to comply with The Common Rule’s regulations (a) requiring all human research subjects to provide informed consent, (b) assuring that subjects of research have the right and ability to stop their participation in the research at any time, and (c) requiring the conduct of prior review of the proposed human subject research by an Institutional Review Board.

    We request the OHRP to conduct a For-Cause Compliance Oversight Evaluation of the CIA OMS for research targeting detainee subjects.

    If the OHRP concludes that OMS research on detainees subjected to “enhanced interrogation” techniques commonly viewed as torture violated The Common Rule and internationally accepted standards of health professional ethics, the CIA must be immediately sanctioned by the Department of Health and Human Services. Any personnel found to have violated the law should be referred to the Department of Justice for prosecution. Professionals determined to be in violation of their ethically mandated responsibilities should be referred to state licensing bodies and professional associations for appropriate professional sanctions.

    KELB Conference      MKUltra Experience

    Date and Time:    June 30, 2010,        Wednesday Evening, 8:30 p.m., EST, 6:30 p.m., MST, 5:30 p.m., PST
    Please join us.
    This conference focuses specifically on MKUltra Project testing in 1947 –  1986 (possibly later).  The CIA, military and other groups tested unwitting Americans in projects such as “Bluebird”, “Artichoke”, “Monarch, “Pandora” and others. This conference is for and about those who believe they were unwittingly involved in these tests.

    Ann Earle, abuse therapist, will be with us.  Participants can feel free to discuss any aspect of this experience they feel comfortable with. Exchanges and referrals will be available for those who want this.  Discussing experiences, memories, retrieving memories, and dealing with this experience. How to integrate this into our lives.  This is a place to deal with the question, “Am I a survivor of MKUltra testing?” Positive group talk to deal with this issue.

    We look forward to meeting with everyone.

    Joint Moderators:
    (moderation will be fair and equitable)
    Ann Earle, MSW, LSCD
    Psychologist, Therapist
    Duke University, NC, Practice
    Human Rights Activist

    Linda Lindquist
    Degree in Research
    Human Services Advocate
    Human Rights Advocate
    KELB Director

    Lynn Weed
    Paralegal, New York City, NY
    Human Rights Advocate

    Friends and Relatives of the Institutionalized Aged, FRIA
    Former Vice President Resident Council
    Award Recipient, Helen Marshall, Queens Borough President
    KELB, Co-Director

    Jaye Stringfield
    Former Air Force
    Social Worker, Case Management
    Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales
    Human Rights Advocate
    KELB Director

    Sheila Epstein, Registered Nurse

    Human Rights Activist

    Paralobbyist, Congress,  KELB Co-Director

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    1. Tom McClelland says:

      I have been targeted by agencies of our government with microwave weapons and ongoing covert drugging for over 20 years. In the 1970’s, the Church Committee investigated the CIA’s secret MKULTRA project that nonconcensually experimented on U.S. citizens for militaristic interests. Unfortunately, after the congressional investigations, the human experimentation didn’t end but became more secretive. This secret human experimentation has continued in the U.S.A. on thousands of people such as myself and has expanded through torturing and experimenting on prisoners being detained in secret black site prisons worldwide. These atrocities need to be exposed and our government and military leaders and all of those responsible in the vast secretive military-industrial complex need to be held accountable. Our government must be held accountable, without exception, for abiding to the protocols of the Geneva Conventions in order to safeguard human rights and dignity for all prisoners of war and for the countless number of citizens who have been nonconsensually experimented on in our own country.

      • keepkelb says:

        Hi Tom, yes, agreed. Human experimentation without consent is an horrific abuse. There are several instances in history when our country has engaged in these unlawful acts and you have named many of them. One of the newest to come to light (aside the Guatemalan syphillis experiments) is the lawsuit Vietnam Veterans of America, et al. v. CIA, et al. If you read some of the motions and orders in this case, you can see the experimentation described. This case is expected to come to trial this year in California. We need to follow it as we have been. It is believed that it will be decided for the plaintiffs. This is so necessary and so long overdue.
        Thank you for commenting and please keep surviving
        all my best, Lynn

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