Please help Nancy and Kelb.

Nancy wants her memories back.
And she wants to understand and deal with trauma,
she experienced in childhood.

Please donate to help MKUltra survivors, such as Nancy.
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Please read on, to understand Nancy, who she is, and why she, and so many other American survivors,need help on this vital and much neglected issue.

Thank you. Kelb, Inc. Board and Members.

Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Kelb, Inc.
Kelb Members:

Kelb member, Nancy, (“Nancy” is a composite charactor, drawn from common experiences of MKUltra survivors) experiences fear, confusion and a sense of indeterminate dread, often. She has identified some of the sources of these reactions, in her adult life, but needs more help. She is one of the many (at least 36,000) Americans, who experienced MKUltra project testing, initiated by military psychiatrist, Sidney Gottlieb, in her childhood (1940’s – 1960’s). These “experiments” were an offshoot of McCarthyism: the “Red Scare”, which seemed to permeate many aspects of American life and intelligence agency efforts, in those years.

These “experiments” were performed on young American children. They seem a response to McCarthyism. Hoover and others, in those years, were suspicious that communist and insurgent communists, were using sophisticated infiltration techniques and employing invasive, persuasive psychological methods, to achieve their goals. These goals were considered antithetical to American ways of life. So, these military/intelligence “doctors” experimented on unwitting American children and tried to suppress their memories of these traumatic, and horrific tests.

These “tests” were identified in the Church Senate Committee Hearings (1974)and in the Radiation Experimentation Hearings. Nancy and many others want their memories back.

Our group, Kelb, Inc., “Keep The Ethical Light Burning”, is formed to deal with these issues; this unsolved American problem. Unethical experimentation was exposed in the Watergate scandal, and was a vital topic in subsequent Church Senate Subcommittee Hearings. In the ensuing years, it has not been dealt with, by any higher levels of government, or mil/intelligence agencies. We need help, to right the wrong and help the living survivors.

Our non-profit organization, Kelb is specifically concerned with this non-consensual or unauthorized human subject testing. We are especially concerned with programs and projects, which experimented on unwitting human subjects, including children (some as far back as 1938). These were the MKUltra projects of U.S. military/intelligence: Bluebird, Artichoke, Pandora, Chatter, and others, including the biological and chemical testing programs.

We have worked with survivors of the Holmsburg experimentation in Pennsylvania and we support and correspond with lawyers in the ongoing California lawsuit, concerning the non-consensual testing of military enlistees (years: 1942 – 1986: Case: Vietnam Veterans of America et al. v. CIA et al. CV 09-0037-CW,U.S.D.C. (N.D. Cal 2009)1.
Along with victim support and outreach, a long term goal is effective ethical and non-political oversight of the entire military intelligence community, as it currently exists. We want to put an end to the potential for recurrence of these heinous experiments.

It is illegal to experiment on anyone in this country without his or her informed consent. Forty five C.F.R. forty six clearly states that informed consent is a necessity. The Nuremberg Code established at the close of World War II, is the international legal standard for human experimentation. Violations of international law can be pleaded in the U.S. cases. The Wilson Directive (1953) is U.S. law clearly stating: human experimentation can occur only with the informed consent of the human subject. U.S. and international law is very clear.

Our mission is advocacy and support for victims of such as Nancy, and exposure of their plight. We also intend that survivor/victims we work with, be made “whole”.

One of the many memories Nancy is dealing with, begin with being taken to a church in the morning, as a child, in the south, in her teen years. She can remember very little of what happened in the church, on those days. She remembers leaving her home and later, going home. She has memories of the evening at home, but is finding it very difficult to recall anything that happened, during these times, in the church.

Another mysterious memory involves teenage trips to Fort Bragg, a military base, near where Nancy lives and grew up. Again, after spending the day on this military base, she can not remember what happened there. She remembers leaving and the night at home, but very little of the day. Therapists believe she may have been hypnotized and possibly drugged, to help suppress the memory. This may be very significant in dealing with, what was actually going on in her life.

We believe Nancy experienced MKUltra Project experimentation/testing.

This is common to our trauma survivors. It takes work to reveal these memories. Nancy spent her working life as a nurse and raising her daughter. She now lives with her sister and is parenting her daughter’s young son, while her daughter works. She is haunted by these memories and wants to further uncover and deal with them. She knows there is trauma, but reaching the actual events is proving difficult.

She is an active Kelb member and spends many days each week, generously giving her time, working on our issues. So much needs to be done. And most members are trauma survivors as Nancy is. Our common goals are to continue our lives, succeed in uncovering these memories and to work towards reparations, and being made “whole,” in spite of these common experiences of induced trauma. In researching this problem, many children were raped and tortured (Radiation Committee Testimonies, The CIA’s Search for the Manchurian Candidate, by John Marks). Hypnosis and drugs were used at the close of the “experimental” day, making it difficult for these “adults” to now remember, what happened during these times.

Many of our members are working with their private therapists, on these difficult, hurtful, life-impacting issues. We are looking for therapists to work with our group, group members and with our new members, who are just uncovering this abuse in their lives and looking for support. We welcome them, and we want to provide an adequate and helpful support system for them. This takes financial support. Our organization is a 501 (c) (3) non-p profit charity, incorporated in the state of Delaware and registered in New York State, as a charity.

Five dollars, ten dollars or a generous $100 donation will go a long way to helping Americans like, Nancy, who wants nothing more than to be made “whole”. She wants her memories back. Please work with us to help this group of Americans, who endured harmful experimentation, without their consent. To learn more about these issues, please visit us on the web at: http://www.keepethicallightburning.org.

A group member/therapist, who has treated many MKUltra survivors in her career, speaks of one haunting MKUltra experimentation survivor. This woman had recalled times of being held in a cage for days and being raped. The therapist recounts years of therapy, working with this survivor, which seemed to be progressing positively. One day she got an horrific telephone call. The survivor had committed suicide. We work that this not happen.
We represent many like Nancy. Nat, a northeast member has memories of almost being kidnapped as a child. His dreams and subconscious tell him that there was more to this. He is working with these memories and knowledge. David, whose last dramatic words from his dying mother, revealed to him, that he too, was an experimentation survivor. Her last words were exhortations of love, encouragement and warning. We work with many more experimental survivors. Please visit our website, read our mission statement and our pages. Our issues lie in our memories. Please help us work and make our groups members, whole. Please donate to Nancy, Nat, David and Kelb, Inc.
Donations gratefully accepted for Kelb at the PayPal website:
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When you have reached the page asking for an email address to “send” to your intended recipient — Kelb’s email address, our address is:
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If you have any problems, please call Lynn, Co-Director at Kelb: (347) 478-9582 or Judi, Co-Director at (716) 866-4197. If you would like to donate by mail or directly to our Kelb account, please call either Lynn or Judi. Thank you so much. We appreciate your help and support for our issues.

Keep The Ethical Light Burning, Kelb, Inc.

1. Vietnam Veterans of America et al., v. CIA, et al. Second Amended Order for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief Under U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes (Class Action), pp 8,9 # 13,14,15,16. To wit:
#15. DEFENDANTS’ promise in the 1970s to locate the victims of their human
experimentation program, and to provide compensation and health care, proved to be hollow. DEFENDANTS never made a sincere effort to locate the survivors. . . .


5 Responses to A.A. PLS HELP KELB

  1. Birgitta Abimbola Heikka says:

    My name is Birgitta Abimbola Heikka. I am the daughter of a Swedish father and a Nigerian mother. My father (who is now deceased) studied in the United States between 1949-1951. During his period here, he was political and outspoken. Since he worked for his college’s newspaper as a columnist “The Quaker Quips” of Wilmington College, Ohio, he was able to put these thoughts on paper. My father wrote under the column “The World, As I’d Like It.” Because some of his articles were critical of the war in Korea and some of the things going on in this country during the Cold War, I was targeted for experimentation. My life has been a fabricated lie every since the day I was born. I have been labeled “the Black child of the radical” and have experienced torture in a way few people can ever imagine capable. Some of my experiences I have put down on paper. “Birgitta, A Life Wired,” is a book I wrote following my experiences in the United States after 911 (something I knew nothing about). I would like legal and psychological help but don’t know where to go to get these kind of help (I live in Maryland). I am also careful and don’t want to be seen as someone wanting attention or given the label crazy, or bipolar or whatever fancy name some might come up with. My life has been made hell just because of my father’s activities at a time when the world was a very dark place to live in. I never knew that an entity would go after me with such full force (to destroy me psychologically and in other ways that it’s difficult to talk about) for something I knew nothing of and that happened 10 years before I was born. Such malignancy and hatred I have come to know.

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Baheikka, Thank you for your post. If you post to me on my email (on our site) we can set up contact. I understand your upsetment. These “tests”/ abuses are horrific experiences. We can discuss support and the best way to find and get it. Can you tell me where you are living, now? These “tests” have happened all over the world. (1930 – 80’s +) We currently communicate with survivors in Germany, Belgium, China, Canada, the U.S. and other countries. At this point, we have many survivors in New York City, and California. Wherever you are living, we can work with you to try and get help. As you can see from our site, these issues are a work in progress. We welcome your communication and if you can collaborate, that would be much appreciated — as it works for you, of course. These are horrific experiences. Thank you so much for reaching out, and telling your story, it falls on listening ears and is appreciated. wishing you safety and peace are you move forwards. thank you. all my best, Lynn Co-Producer, Kelb, Inc.

  2. susan alexander says:

    These are evil time’s we are living in.. I’am a radio implant victim from birth. These program’s are dangerous and deadly. Nazi doctor’s and scientist were brought back to the us after ww2. behavioral programs are designed so that the victims suffer henous human rts violations, abuse,loss of every thing in life buried alive and death. the perpetrators’s behave (the same mind set) as they did in nazi germany. I was born in N.H,educated in Mass. Moved to N.Y.C. at the time i did not know about the implant( the sound was off -voice) my every waking moment on this earth has been stolen. I know I was the wrong new born to implant, I was implanted again at 17 (teeth) and in nyc a spinal tap. I would have stopped it had I known what the hospital was up to. yes the medical establishmant conducts themselves as did ths nazi drs. of the past. I have much more to this, which I will get my story out with legal help. I am living in N.M . very evil place for someone in my situation. Iam going to find legal help for if I dont I will die from this abusive case. I already had a chance to talk to some one from the Washington Post, about the terrible medical situations in this state. But declined until I seek legal help and have some sort of advocate.

    • keepkelb says:

      I am sorry for you what you have experienced, Susan. What you have described sound like MKultra project testing and later testing/abuse. Many have and are experiencing this horrific abuse of human rights. I am sorry for what you are going through. My email is Lynnandmarie@live.com (Marie is my middle name) Please contact me there. We can send you our Newsletter and projects we are working on. If you can talk to a lawyer or the press, it might not be a bad idea. But do what you feel is right and works for you at the time. This is a horrific abuse. The recent revelations about the NSA do make clear that many of the situations we speak of have been happening for awhile. Thank you for your comments and information. Please keep reading and accessing our site. We update often and have a base of MKUltra survivors. Thank you. All my best, Lynn Weed

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Susan, Yes these are occurrences many victims have suffered. I am sorry you have experienced this. If you will contact me at lynnandmarie@live.com, we can exchange information. I understand that N.M. is not a good place to be. Please email me, and please keep accessing our site, we update regularly. We have just sent a letter to Senator Feinstein seeking an investigation and assistance. I wish you decency. in survival, Lynn

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