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Get A Living Space

Get A Living Space

Lynn Weed, Co-Director, Kelb, Inc. 646-320-4869

This page, through Kelb, Inc. is dedicated to finding and getting living spaces for victims of unauthorized human subject testing (MKultra, Radiation, chemical, biological, military, institutional, randem public and others).

Your immediate situation (including homelessness) is not a determinant (nor a bar) of getting into these places. Your desire for a good living space is. Affliction with Dew attacks can make turning your living space into a good defense, difficult. We are in support.

As we begin, we will list those places, with other survivor/victims, offering them, which are working toward this goal.

If you know of any, please let me know. These living spaces will include, off-grid groups, room rentals, apartment and house shares and those looking to set one of these up with other survivors of dew and experimentation abuse. Also, those who seek a new situation, may post individually.


  1. Message to survivors of dews. Carl, a longtime friend and victim is offering spaces for country living, on his land in TX. Information is below. It is mainly RV, but Carl will talk with you about what you would like to do. This land has been set up for these individual living spaces. Carl’s email address is:

2. H. Michael Sweeney, Oregon, U.S. On land that he has purchased, off grid, in Oregon, Michael has set up individual living spaces, with trailers, RV’s, small houses and other off grid living set ups. He will work with you to get stove and refrigerator for your space. I believe he is charging, $350 per month to set up in your space, on the land. This land has been cleared and made habitable. It was once open land — off grid. Contact Michael or myself. Michael’s Face book page is H Michael Sweeney. One of the books Michael has published: Proparanoid.

One of his latest posts, on Facebook: Authoress Sondra London’s new book. Sondra was a client of mine when I specialized in stalking victim privacy/security consultations (now available through the freewillsociety.wordpress dot com phone number). She had been targeted for writing her first book, deemed politically incorrect as it revealed sinister underpinnings in government, in addition to an in-depth look at a serial killer.…/a.249563…/355132025029357/…… See More

Michael from Mississippi, — would note — there is no mention of directed energy weapon harassment in his post. May be a good idea to go over that with him, before committing to his putting together an off grid community. We are very glad he is doing this. On a large scale, it is very positive and a good help, but would be clear with him, what you are seeking.

From Michael, “so i live on a swath of 40 acres in Mississippi with a pond and a creek in the back. i would like to gather other individuals who also are interested in coming together to create a community on this land that we can grow food and make our own electricity, etc, and make it work as a group rather than go it alone. i am serious about this but very novice as to how to start. is anyone interested in starting an off-grid community with me and my family? Michael Wilson facebook. “

If you would like to put a request to move to another space, or to let others know that you have a space available, for a survivor dealing with our issues, please contact me. Looking to hearing from members, friends, other survivors. Best, Lynn, Kelb, Inc.

Service A

If you would like your name or living space to be added to our service, let me know. We would like, also a contact point, facebook address, email, phone, street address contact, p.o. box address, or alternate site address. Thank you.

Service B

If you are aware of other spaces that have been opened and seem to be working, would you let us know. If it is acceptable, we will post and circulate them. Thank you.

Service C

Thank you, so much for your help and cooperation. So many of us are suffering. Our org continues to work hard on getting these abuses stopped. Currently, we believe housing “us” is an important issue. Looking forward to your posts. Best, Lynn Co-Director, Kelb, Inc. Keep the Ethical Light Burning, Kelb, Inc. A Non-Profit Agency, U.S.

We have international and national members.

Lynn Weed has known about me through our emails for about 10-15 years when we were in communication with a targeted attorney, Bob S., who haspassed away… Lynn T.

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Let’s make something beautiful together.