Keep the Ethical Light Burning (KELB) is a non-profit organization.
Lynn Bowne Weed is a NYC Paralegal
having done support on many cases including the Microsoft Case
in New York City
Member of the Bowne House Historical Society, Flushing, New York

David Beauchamp, Vice President, works in programming, and technology.
He is a music promoter in New York City
and former Producer at Channel 13, New York City.

Judy Stringfield, Co-Director
is a 12 year military veteran
and she has worked as a social worker.

Ben Chaney, Advisor
Civil Rights’ Activist, Freedom Rides in the South, Mississippi ’60’s. Lost his brother James Earle Chaney – murdered by the KKK along with Andrew Goodman and James Schwermer, NY

Our advocacy is productive action on the vital human rights issue of unauthorized human subject testing.  We advocate for victims and survivors of this unauthorized activity.

“We intend that men shall be free to live “by no man’s leave,under the sun.”

Statement made at the Nuremberg Trials.

Nonconsensual human subject testing occurs when the human being tested (by agency, institution, doctor, corporation or other group) is not fully informed of the tests he/she will be experiencing.  If not fully informed, then, consent does not occur, and the testing is nonconsensual.

Examples of this type of testing are the Tuskegee Syphillis Experiments,  the Guatamala Syphillis Experiments, MKUltra Project experimentation, military drug experimentation and others.  These are not legal occurrences in this country.

For more information and contact concerning nonconsensual human subject testing and our issues, please contact by email:  LynnandMarie@live.com.

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