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to all of our members, survivors, victims, friends and helpers.
Thank you for your continuing work on this important issue.  
Please continue in survival and Let’s Keep the Ethical Light
Burning !

Kelb Newsletter March 30, 2013

National and international non-profit agency.  
Our issues are non-consensual experimentation and abuse.

FASTR, Senator Ron Wyden’s Act on Transparency in Research
Link to Act:
14 Feb 13

Wyden Letter Published

Our Wyden Letter published by Deborah Dupre. Thank you, Deborah, for reporting on this very important issue.
Deborah regularly publishes many pertinent articles, on our issues, in The Examiner, a Hearst publication. We recommend reading and commenting on these articles.
Editors, Board, and Members
From the article:
“. . . Citizens Against Non-consensual Research (CANR), that supports Wyden’s position on this important national issue, says its primary issue is non-consensual experimentation, including directed energy weapon testing, on unwitting citizens, according to Lynn Weed, co-director of CANR.

“A secondary issue is the ‘citizen kill list,’” Weed says. “By the very nature of our issues and claims, many members believe they may have been placed on a FISA, Patriot, and/or, may be placed on a secret ‘citizen kill’ list.”
Weed is a paralegal and has been a target victim advocate since 2001, when targeting individuals escalated under the Bush administration after 9/11.. . .”

Obama Kill List Targets Used for Barbaric Research, Evidence Sent to Sen. Wyden

Transparent Money, Black Budget Projects

This is an excellent article. Please access this information. Article produced by Catherine Austin Fitts, Solari Report. Sent to us by Bob Woods. Thank you, Bob. Excellent article explaining some aspects of the experimentation we are harassed and abused by. Good explanation of the financing of these expensive and illegal experiments. Thank you, Bob.

This week’s Solari Story from Catherine Austin Fitts is titled “The Black Budget.” Here’s a bit of the transcript:

“If you want to understand how things got as sort of wacky as they’ve gotten, you really want to dip into and try and understand what the black budget is. And one of the first things I encourage people to do if they want to explore the black budget and what it means to our lives and the challenges if you’re engineering the federal financing is to look at three things: One is the National Security Act of 1947, the second is the act that created the CIA in 1949 and then an executive order that was promulgated in 1980 when George Bush became vice president and through the vice presidency assumed responsibility for the National Security Council, the intelligence agencies and e overseeing intelligence agencies in Congress. I’m skeptical as to what they see, how much they really see but supposedly they see some.
So what you did with the ’47 and ’49 Act was created an infrastructure that allowed money to be secretly channeled to secret and very, from a technology standpoint, unbelievably important, powerful projects on a non-transparent basis so there’s no accountability. And one of the things I’ll tell you as a former government regulator is without transparency, the shenanigans that go on – it is very hard to manage big pots of money without some kind of feedback and redundant transparency to kind of keep everybody in check. …”enforcement agencies. . . .
Read and hear more:

Please help Nancy and Kelb.
Nancy wants her memories back.
And she wants to understand and deal with trauma,
she experienced in childhood.
Please donate to help MKUltra survivors, such as Nancy.
Donations accepted at: Http:// and please read on (next page).
If you are not associated with Paypal, an account can be opened using your email address. Once the account is opened, and you have reached the page asking for an email address to “send” to your intended recipient — Kelb’s email address is: – the donation destination.
Your donation will be sent to our Kelb account to support and work on our issues.
Please read on, to understand Nancy, who she is, and why she, and so many other American survivors,need help on this vital and much neglected issue.

Cointelpro Today

Kudos to the Cointelpro Today group. They have continued conferencing, emailing and working on getting an investigation into our issues. Important work. Thanks.
Kelb, Inc.
Editors, Board, Members

Du Plessis Orphans Continue Their Work
Towards Trial
on Abuses Suffered

Law in Quebec, Canada, is a little different than our system of law in the states. Quebec is governed by a version of the French Napoleonic Code (instituted in France, during the Napoleon era). It is not the same as the English common law system, used in the U. S. It is more militaristic in its codes, statutes and governance. Because of this, cases from Quebec concerning the government, can be heard at the International Criminal Court (ICC, the United Nations Criminal Court).
We are publishing Rod’s very gripping and telling letter, urging action on the MKUltra and ‘other’ abuses, the DuPlessis Orphans suffered 1938 – ’70’s.

Thank you, Rod.

This is very good information, We will post. Thank you for all of your good, determined work on this very important issue.
Thank you from many.
All my best,
Kelb, Inc.

8 March, 2013

Hi Guys,

Sending you this letter which i sent out yesterday to a journalist in Italy, concerning criminal acts that were done by different members of the Catholic Church, in the Duplessis Orphans case, we must not forget the lesbian Nun’s and priests, not only did they sexually abused thousands of orphan girls, but tortured them and some murdered,

just to mention a couple of survivors, Yvette G, still living , kepted in a cell for six long years at the St Julien Psychiatric Hospital here in Quebec runned by the Sisters of Charity of Québec, Myriam K. still living, beaten in a cell with a chain by three Nun’s, in 1993 Myriam was on a major television to tell her horrific story, after spending so many years in a cell, at 16 years old, one morning she decided to leave herself die, having spent all the best years of her life illegally locked up in an insane asylum and falsely labeled mentally retarded, when the Nun put a bowl of slop in the cell, she didn’t touch it, later the Nun noticed (Myriam knows the Nun’s Name) that Myriam had not touched the bowl of porridge, the Nun said, when i come back, if you didn’t eat, i will shove a mouse down your throat, Myriam didn’t eat, and the Nun came in with others to hold her down and she shoved a mouse down her throat, my own w ife Clarina Duguay was straitjacketed and tied directly on a steel bed and given Chlorpromazine.

The spokesman of the Archdiocese of Quebec Jasmin Lemieux-Lefebvre came out publically to defend Cardinal Marc Ouellet , his story is in today’s Montreal’s major newspaper Journal de Montréal on page 5, he will also be receiving this email, if you look at the list and the next one on top is the Journalist Diane Tremblay who wrote his story, will also get a copy. While mister Lefebvre is shooting his mouth off as if the Roman Catholic Church is so Holy, in today’s same newspaper on page 14, another priest here in Quebec Daniel Moreau was arrested by the Quebec police right in Church for juvenile pornography.

We all need justice, but our governments are protecting the criminals, the victims have no right to media attention, it is sad that we live in such a sick society who defends the pedophiles.

7 March, 2013

. . . Madam/Sirs,

Just heard on today’s Montreal news that Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet is on the “Dirty Dozen” list of priests who done pedophile acts on children or aided to camouflage criminal acts like what was done to the Duplessis Orphans from 1935 to 1975. Many letters were sent to the Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet by the victims the Duplessis Orphans asking the Cardinal Ouellet to intervene and apologize for the genocide and Crimes against Humanity that was done on thousands of innocent Quebec children who were falsely labeled mentally retarded and who were illegally warehoused into Psychiatric Hospitals in Quebec,across Canada and the United States, as head of the Quebec Catholic Church, Cardinal Marc Ouellet immediately should have had compassion for the survivors and open his arms to help them,

but instead ran away to hide in the Vatican cause he knew his name was on the list to possibly become pope and did not want to be caught up in the Duplessis Orphans scandal. Cardinal Marc Ouellet has been aiding for years to camouflage the Duplessis Orphans Case.

The United States groups are also against Quebec Cardinal Marc Ouellet from becoming pope. One cannot become pope having the Duplessis Orphans Case on his conscience, the Roman Catholic Church must ask forgiveness and apologize and make amends for what they’ve done to thousands of innocent orphans here in Quebec Canada, the aging survivors had their lives stolen,

Cardinal Marc Ouellet should be the first to be speaking out at the Vatican for the victims, instead has put himself as an accomplice after the fact, he must step down, and the ex Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte of Montreal, who as a young priest worked at the Mont Providence Psychiatric Hospital in the early 60’s where thousands of orphans were tortured and held against their will in captivity, shut his eyes to the horrors taking place, he should be charged as an accomplice to Crimes against Humanity.

When Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte of Montreal, was confronted about The Pig Sty Cemetery in 1999 , Cardinal Turcotte publically stated that he would check into this matter, instead of having compassion as a man of the Catholic Church, also ran to Rome he and the ex Premier of Quebec Lucien Bouchard with two other members of Parliament in order to stop a huge scandal on the horizon by lying to Pope John II, whom i had written a letter to about the Duplessis Orphans case.

Included is a picture of Pope John II, Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte and the ex.Premier of Quebec Lucien Bouchard who is directly involved in the Duplessis Orphans Case. There is another newspaper clipping where the Cardinal Jean Claude Turcotte states “That the Duplessis Orphans do not deserve apologies”

Can you imagine this coming out of the mouth of a man who represents the Catholic Church? Turcotte has gone to the Vatican to vote, he must be told to go home in shame for also hiding the truth about the thousands of criminal acts done to the Duplessis Orphans.

Commission for Victims of Crimes
against Humanity
Comité Les Enfants de la Grand Noirceur (C.E.G.N.)
(The Children of the Great Darkness Committee)

On Easter, we offer these words from the Christian Bible, honoring the death and resurrection of Jesus.
Matthew 18 – 19
Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for themof my Father which is in heaven.
20. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Jesus Eats the Passover with His Disciples

26 And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.

And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;

For this is the my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.
Keep The Ethical Light Burning

We are moving forwards, doing active organizational fund raising. Contributions are so important and keep the work continuing. We hope you will send in membership dues and contribute! Even small amounts. Thanks from Kelb, Inc.
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We advocate solely and exclusively for what we state on our site and webpages. Internet connections to our site do not represent our organizational work, concerns and issues.


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