Mission Stmnt

KELB is formed to effectively deal with unauthorized human subject testing and its victims.  We are especially concerned with this problem, as it has occurred from 1948, WWII — through the present.  Our concerns are the programs of the intelligence/military community and the covert secret programs, they formed and operated on unsuspecting Americans up to the present.

These include such revealed and exposed testing programs as the MKUltra Project, Project Pandora, Bluebird, Artichoke, the biological and chemical testing programs and other programs of this nature.

Many of these nonconsensual tests, beginning in 1948, were performed on American children. Our goals are exposure, including journalistic exposure, location of victims, research into civil action concerning abuses of law and ethics, education, support for victims of these nonconsensual tests.  We seek effective ethical and nonpolitical oversight of the entire military and intelligence community, as it currently exists.  We want to put an end to the potential for recurrence of these heinous experiments and the illegal coverup of these acts.

It is illegal to experiment on anyone in this country without his or her informed consent.  45 C.F.R. 46 clearly states that the informed consent of the human subject is necessary before any experimentation may take place, legally.  The Nuremberg Code established at the close of World War II is the international legal standard for human experimentation.  Violations of international law, clearly stating that human experimentation can only occur with informed consent.

Our mission is advocacy for victims of these illegal programs and exposure of their plight.  We also intend that survivor/victims we work with, be made whole.


Contributions to KELB’s human rights advocacy work can be made through our sister/fraternal organization, CANR, at:
and through  http://www.paypal.com, either open an account or use an existing account.        Once on your paypal site, send to our email address:  LynnandMarie@live.com or judes2010@gmail.com
Donations can also be sent directly to our bank account by contacting us at LynnandMarie@live.com.       Thank you.

Disclaimer: Our advocacy is directly for issues and events stated, defined and described, on our website and individual web pages. Those are our sole advocacy. Claims, concerning other events, beliefs, stated offenses and events, and parties responsible, concerning our claims are not those of Kelb and we do not advocate for, nor support them.
We advocate solely and exclusively for what we state on our site and webpages. Internet connections to our site do not represent our organizational work, concerns and issues.


19 Responses to Mission Stmnt

  1. Bev Schweitzer says:

    Needed intervention into this harassment that can be deadly via electric shocks & the probing of body organs can’t be constitutional. Being a victim of 10 yrs I feel this should not be experienced by American citizens who did not consent. This makes us a 3rd world nation where citizens are victimized unaware of the cause of the hate crime & w/o their consent. Our government needs to adknowledge this & investigations in our behalf should be demanded. I know many victims who are educated & work for the better of mankind such as many nurses, as I am, & other college graduates. We’ve worked productively in society & our perps are being paid under the table. This can only encourage people to see an easy way to profit & raise families w/this mentality

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Bev, Yes, unconsented human experimentation is illegal in this country and internationally. It is an ethical abuse in both law and medicine. The earliest case on this issue was in 1923 and then Judge, Cardozo determined that for a doctor to experiment on his patient, was a violation of the trust the physician had built up. There is later case law, which includes the Nuremberg Code and Wilson directive. It is illegal and unethical.
      Thanks for your comments.
      all my best, Lynn Lynnandmarie@live.com

  2. L says:

    I am heartened to see efforts made to expose the MKULTRA travisty as well as other government debacles. My mother was an MKULTRA survivor and her experience wrecked havoc on our family. We never understood what was wrong with mom and often wondered if the bizarre tales she told us were “in her head”. She has numerous memories of the experiments and everything she had told us matches up with what we have now learned. Her experience began in a Catholic hospital in Tokyo, Japan (1963) when my younger sister was born. It continued after we returned to the states, with “treatment” at UCLA. She suffered a “nervous breakdown” in 1966 and my sister and I were sent to live with distant relatives we had never met. Many years later, my sister and I tried to piece together the big picture as we strongly sensed something amiss. What we have now learned is beyond shocking. The coverup was amazing and also the number of doctors that “looked the other way”. Even our long time family physician chose to “not get involved” and whether he too was deceived or was part of a cover up, we never learned as he had passed away by the time we began to pursue the topic. Mom did recover from her experience and went on to live a full life, never wanting to revisit the pass via lawsuits etc. I think being “believed” and validated was a huge healing step for her. It sounds like she was one of the more fortunate victims.

    Thank you for your efforts.

    • keepkelb says:

      Thank you for sending your information. I have replied privately to you. I am so sorry for the experiences your mother suffered. We work to identify these abuses and that survivors be “made whole”. Thank you so very much.
      All of our very best to you and your family,
      Co-Director, Kelb, Inc.
      Non-profit advocacy for non-consensual experimentation and abuse

      • Susan Jeanne Kennedy says:

        I am looking for someone to help me. I am a victim of technical abuse by what they called an Ocular Transmitter or Brain Implant. I have been experimented on as well as ritually abused, this goes on all day they say this is going to kill me, or that I should be dead already. I have evidence about who is responcible and even know their names. Law Enforcement and CIA are involved and family members who don’t even know me have turned me in for experimentation and extermination. These family members lied.

      • siouxee says:

        Hi as a
        Mk ultra survivor …I wish to thank you for your work.

  3. Trevor Hitchin (white buffalo / tbone r.a 777) says:

    Please contact me….I am a survivor / watcher of MK. 1991 / U.C.I.A…..and Torrance Memorial 30 days + 21 years….. I have my records and am writing my story MKPapertrail. I want justice…… They destroyed my life and my family, then laughed. Whatever I can do to help expose these nazi monsters… John R. moeler was my primary abuser/torturer. He is in the hot seat now…..your turn johnny…..I still have my temple burn marks and a body still in pain….24/7 here 21 years later. .I’m ALL in. 208 841 2591

    All American Nazis to Nurenburg for Trials Part II !!!!….@Godspeed

  4. Sweety says:

    Do you know a legal team that has abilities and know how? That’s all I need to help reconcile what I endured and that of my family.

  5. Paula says:

    Dear Lynn:
    Was just referred to KELB on the FFCHS conference call. I have corresponded with you briefly over the years when you were in PA. Just survived my sixth winter living in my vehicle. Still being accessed outside of my consciousness with marks on body and hair cut, etc. I am trauma-based mind control, intergenerational, and a TI who is subjected to “medical” and surveillance activities. Interesting to note that in a book detailing the human radiation experiments conducted by the DOE, Hazel O’Leary stated that those victims should be subjected to “medical surveillance”. My environment is largely controlled. Was able to get some breathing space after having made a geographic move. It’s probably time to move again, but I do like a lot about this area/region and do not want to resign myself to never getting established anywhere. I recently read that the military bases, universities, and hospitals are the main locations of mind control and programming. In a society like ours, that just about covers it. Please let me know what I can do as far as documentation and liberating myself. Kind thanks.
    Peace to you,

    • keepkelb says:

      Yes, we will be in contact through email. It seems that many MKUltra survivors are finding that there is intergenerational testing, which makes it that more heinous. Very sorry that you are experiencing this. Peace to you, wishing safety and strength.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Please have a representative of your organization to give me a call>

    Elizabeth Adams, CEO
    America Needs To Know! TV
    Phone 510-837-5951
    Fax 410-380-5286

  7. Call me
    Elizabeth Adams CEO
    America Needs To Know! TV

  8. Your readers might be interested in the blog set up by British psychiatric patients who are believed to have been used in mind control experiments in London in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

    • keepkelb says:

      Thank you Susannah Phillips for your information. It is horrific, as horrific as the McGill experiments in Canada performed by former psychiatrist Ewen Cameron (he lost his license when his ‘experiments’ were exposed). I am very sorry for the women who experienced this. Yes, those “experiments” were very illegal. They violated the Nuremberg Code and I believe England has laws in place regarding informed consent in human experimentation. If you know survivors of these horrific experiences, please suggest, they connect with our site. Thank you for your research and this excellent post and site. Please feel free to email me at Lynnandmarie@live.com wish you decency and safety. in survival, Lynn

    • keepkelb says:

      Thanks, Susannah, I am aware of these abusive experiments. Thank you for posting. Please contact me at my email : Lynnandmarie@live.com (Marie is my middle name) and we can exchange information. If you are a survivor (and you don’t have to identify your situation, here), I wish you decency and survival. in survival, Lynn Co-Chairwoman, Kelb, Inc.

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