MK/Black Market Babies

Jewish Adoptions, 1930’s – 1950’s +
Black Market Baby Scandal
MKUltra experimentation.

We have received this pertinent article from Rod, a Canadian member. It has been published, in AMI, an Israeli magazine by investigative reporter, Miriam Samsonowitz. This an expose that began in the original MKUltra time frame. It illuminates MKUltra abuses and experimentation abuses at the Du Plessis Orphanages in Canada. It is very pertinent to our issues and goals.

From the article:

“Catholic psychiatric hospitals carried out tests including electric shocks, injections of such drugs as chlorpromazine and LSD, chemical sterilization, and lobotomies. The top secret mind-control Project MKULTRA, pioneered by CIA head Allen Welsh Dulles, was carried out at Montreal’s Allan Memorial Hospital on the orphans.

. . .

(Infants waiting to be adopted, kept in DuPlessis Orphanages all across Canada.)

From the article:

Black Market Baby Ring, From Canadian Orphanages,
Catholic Nuns, to Jewish Families

“The Jewish community of three-million in New York after World War II included thousands of childless couples desperate to adopt babies. However, virtually the only Jewish children available were older children whose parents had died or whose families had disintegrated.

Jewish couples willing to adopt non-Jewish babies were stymied by adoption and child placement legal provisions requiring children to be placed in adoptive families professing the same faith as their own. The result was that Catholics and Protestants had a supply of babies to choose from, while Jewish families had none.

This situation helped feed the international baby ring that operated in Montreal from the 1930s to the 1950s. Thousands of French Canadian babies were supplied to Jewish couples—primarily in New York, but also in Florida, Los Angeles, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago,
and throughout Canada. A U.S. Children’s Bureau report in 1955 stated, “Of all the black market cases that have come to light, the great majority are known to have involved Jewish couples.”

One Jewish father who purchased an infant daughter in Montreal argued anonymously (“We Bought a Canadian Baby”, Weekend Picture Magazine, June 12, 1954) that the greatest barrier that he and his wife had to face was “the fact that we are Jewish… because there
are so few Jewish babies available.” Louise Wise services, New York’s only Jewish adoption agency, told him and his wife that applications outnumbered babies twenty to one. Many Jewish couples didn’t even bother applying because they knew it was hopeless.

The Canadian Press and the Baby Black Market

The scandal first came to light when one publication denounced the black marketeering of babies in Montreal in 1950. It created a stir in Quebec but quickly died down. Then, reporter Gerard Pelletier from the Montreal newspaper Le Devoir picked up the story and pushed further. He received special permission to visit orphanages and psychiatric hospitals in Quebec. Between 1950 and 1953 he wrote about the atrocities happening to the Duplessis orphans and the booming black market in babies.

In the first half of 1952, the Montreal Gazette reported on a private baby ring that conspired to deprive mothers of their babies. Jewish lawyer Herman Buller was named and arrested, but had charges withdrawn on April 25 of that year. Throughout the next two years, more cases of baby-buying emerged.”

Secret Names

. . .
“Who do you think could sell more babies to the Jewish families, some little clinic on Esplanade that had great difficulty in crossing the U.S. border with even one baby, or the Catholic Orders who had big hospitals and orphanages on both sides and could sell thousands of Quebec babies after having falsified their identities?

The Jewish families didn’t even have to cross the border—the babies were brought to their doorstep.”

Vienneau relates that while doing family research in the Genealogy Society of Greater Joliette, he came across Vienneau relates that while doing family research in the Genealogy Society of Greater Joliette, he came across
old 8mm films containing thousands of birth names. He started looking for babies born in the 1930s at Mercy Hospital. He found films dating from 1936-1941, but none from 1942  onward. He inquired why these were
not available and was told there was “no money to continue the project.” It seemed clear to him that names were expunged from the official records from 1942 until the early ‘70s because those were the years that hundreds of thousands of baby names had been falsified in preparation for the babies being sold and incarcerated in psychiatric hospitals.

“I asked many Duplessis orphans who approached me ‘What is your  name?’” Vienneau says. “They would  state a certain name, and I would ask ‘Is this your real name?’ The answer I  always received: ‘I don’t know, this is the name given to me by the Religious Orders.’ I could see the pain in their faces.” He says there is no question that these identities are being kept top secret.

It clearly shows how human greed and secrecy can lead to horrific abuses, in these instances, of children, both here in Canada and in other nations. We urge survivors to read the entire expose.

From AMI Magazine, Feb. 16, 2011

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3 Responses to MK/Black Market Babies

  1. Gayle says:

    I am an adoptee who was adopted into a Jewish family in Los Angeles. My birthparents were Catholic. In the Jewish religion a child is the religion of the mother. I was born in 1959 at the Hollywood Presbyterian in Los Angeles. I know my adoptive parents had two failed attempts at a Jewish child before me. My older sister is from a Jewish family. I have been researching this lately and I keep finding these stories. Can anyone guide me to more information about this practice in Los Angeles. Thank you

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Gayle, If you can email me at the email address on this site, we can exchange information. In the article on the page, it is pretty clear how they were doing these adoptions, using babies from the Canadian orphanages and claiming that they were Jewish, but most were not. There were exchanges of money, which in the U.S. was and is illegal. The families were across the U.S. Would do a close read of the article. If you email me, we can exchange information. Have your adoptive parents given you any information? Wish you well, and some resolution. all my best, Lynn

    • keepkelb says:

      Hi Gayle, If you will send me your email address to my email:, I can further your information to our contacts in Canada, who worked on this story. Do you know where your birth parents were living? Much of this took place in Quebec. However, they were getting babies from whereever they could. If you email me, I can send your information along. All my best, Lynn

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