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KELB Members, MKUltra Survivors, interested professionals.

I’ll Take Coffee Conference


Hosted by KELB

KELB hosts several teleconference calls on our issues, updates, “keeping in touch” calls,  agenda discussions, board calls, MKUltra and nonconsensual experimentation calls and other pertinent issues.  For a schedule of calls or a particular call, please contact: or  Our call in Room Number is 80812.  Wednesday calls are at 9pm  and Saturday calls start at 8:45 pm.  All survivors are welcome.

Donations are important for KELB’s work with the MKUltra issue and harassment issues.

We need your help as our organization takes effective action.  You can donate at any time through: http://  Use email when you access the site.

An alternate email address is:

Thank you for your help in this work.
KELB Co-Directors

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