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Issues of non-consensual experimentation and abuse
“We intend that man shall be free to live
by no man’s leave under the sun.”
Conclusory Nuremberg Trials Statement (WWII)
This Week in Our Lives
DuPlessis Orphans’ Case Proceeds
Letter to Executive Commissioner Law Commission of Ontario, Canada
Swiss Catholic Church Recognizes DEW’s
Shrinking U.S. Military
New Book on D.C. culture: This Town by Leibovitch
In Closing, conclusion — week of advances
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This Week In Our Lives

This week’s Kelb Newsletter is a particularly good and important Newsletter, for us. It includes news from the United States, Canada, Belgium, Brussels, and around the world, on our issues. We are, as always, working hard on getting our issues the attention they deserve, working towards resolution, exposure, and justice, for survivors of non-consensual experimentation.

And we have fellow workers around the world. In this issue, we are publishing “advances made” — of note, in our work and struggle. Please pay particular attention to them. It is not only in our corner of the world, that people are suffering with this — there is also equally strong intent for resolution, seemingly across the world — wherever Pandora’s Box has been opened.

Thank you. Please continue the struggle for decency, safety, refuge, shields and continuance in our survival.

In insistent and continuing survival,
Kelb Editors, Writers
Board Members and Members
Keep The Ethical Light Burning
DuPlessis Orphanages
Status and issue of Access to Records

We would like to send tremendous appreciation to Ron V., in Quebec, Canada for all of his work concerning the abuses suffered by the DuPlessis Orphans in these orphanages across Canada. His work has helped to get this case to the International Criminal Court. We support him and thank him.

(from the article, noted below)

“On September 2009, Tremblay submitted access to information requests with four government bodies involved in the file: the Department of Employment and Social Solidarity, the Department of Justice, the treasury board and the executive council, the administrative branch of the premier’s office. Tremblay said he asked for the equivalent of 20,000 pages in documents that include transcripts of negotiations. A few months after his request, he received roughly 150 pages in documents, none bearing the information he was requesting.

Access to other files was refused because the departments said they didn’t exist or were confidential or couldn’t be granted under the province’s access to information laws. Quebec prosecutor Marie-Josée Bourgeault, representing the Commission d’acces à l’information du Quebec, said Monday during the review hearings for Tremblay’s request that she preferred to reserve the government’s stance for her closing arguments, expected in the coming weeks.
“We want to say to the government that we want to reopen the case,” said Lucien Landry, president of the orphans committee COVA. “Only through the truth can there be true reconciliation and healing.” . . .”

Read more:

Read more:

Read more:
Re: London Financial Times Article

We received this email from human rights’ and DuPlessis Orphans’ activist, Rod V. in Quebec.
We thank you, Rod and are in support and very grateful for your continuing,
important work on this issue.
Lynn, Editors and Kelb, Board, Members.

Janice Williams
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Law Commission of Ontario

April 21, 2013

Dear Mrs.Williams,

Just recieved this awesome document from Lynn Bowne Weed Paralegal Kelb News, Keep The Ethical Light Burning from New York, who are fighters for Human Rights, shouldn’t the Law Commission of Ontario be doing the same thing? Like i mentioned in an earlier letter, the Duplessis orphans case is mentioned all over the world except Canada, we have the right to ask why?

This is a shameful mark against Canada, the Duplessis orphans case is told on facebook in spanish throughout South America, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, a huge story came out concerning the Duplessis orphans case in Israel written by journalist Myriam Samsonowitz, Canada needs to come clean and acknowledge their past, Canada needs to erase the false mentally retarded label from the survivors medical files, a label that automatically carries two others “Dangerous & Incurable”. Canada needs to repair and compensate the Duplessis orphans victims and other victims of unauthorized lobotomies in a rightful way.

Psychiatrists must be brought before a court of law for having done unauthorized criminal experiments on children here in Canada. The Law Commission of Ontario must ask publically how come The Canadian Human Rights and The Quebec Human Rights, and The Public Defender of Quebec are silent concerning the Duplessis orphans case ? Shouldn’t they be the first to come out for the victims ? The Duplessis orphans must obtain justice, respect and get back their dignity.

Today we say thank you to Lynn Bowne Weed from the bottom of our hearts and her team for their precious work.

Rod Vienneau
Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2013 10:37 PM
Subject: Who We Are, Kelb News 4/21/13
Catholic Church in Switzerland Acknowledges Unauthorized Experimentation

Jean in Belgium, has sent us some very good information. The Catholic Church in Switzerland, has published a webpage defining and describing some of the directed energy weapons and a history of their non-consensual testing. Jean is a tireless worker on our issues. He is in several European organizations including ours. This is very, very good, long awaited information. We thank him so much for his work, his vigilance and his sharing of this information. Please view this information below: And thank you Jean !

The following paragraph is from the page, it is in the German language, some may be understandable:

“Wir haben also eine offensichtliche Mind Control ( z.B. verbale Propaganda oder Medienmanipulation am Nabel der Zeit ) , die wahrnehmbar wäre bzw. von unserer Wahrnehmung abhängig ist und die die entsprechende Wirkung zeigt , aber auch darüber hinaus eine versteckte Form der Bewusstseinskontrolle , die unhörbar durch die technische Manipulation mittels Frequenzen ermöglicht werden kann . Oberflächlich gesehen sind es nur technische Werke von Menschenhand: Satelliten, Radio, TV, RFID (scheinbar ein modernes Zahlungsmittel), HAARP, Handymasten. . . .”

And recognizeable events (unfortunately) :

Präsident Truman gab im Juli 1945 grünes Licht für die Operation Paperclip, wodurch innerhalb von 2 Jahren etwa 600 (von 9000) deutschen Wissenschaftler, zum Teil auch jene KZ – Ärzte, die Menschenversuche durchführten, in die USA eingeflogen wurden, um dort neue Arbeitsplätze (Forschung) im US – Militär zu erhalten. Im Zuge dieser Vereinnahmung mussten viele deutsche Wissenschaftler keine Befürchtungen haben, bei den Nürnberger Prozessen angeklagt zu werden, sie übten bis zu ihrer Pension unbestraft ihre Berufe aus, für die unzählige Menschen qualvoll sterben mussten.
Als Operation Paperclip endete, wurde 1947 die Central Intelligence Agency (C I A), der Auslandsnachrichtendienst der USA, gegründet. Damit begann eine gefährliche Entwicklung, die unter dem Vorwand des Kalten Krieges Raum für fortgesetzte Menschenversuche schaffte. So kam es 1949 zur Operation BLUEBIRD, die nach etwa zwei Jahren in ARTICHOKE umbenannt wurde.
Während der Operation Overcast nahm man auf Schloss Kransberg die Elite der NS – Wissenschaftler fest und verhörte sie. Dazu zählten auch KZ – Ärzte, wie Kurt Blome. Man erfuhr von den Menschenexperimenten und der Entwicklung von B – Waffen, was man sich zu Nutzen machen wollte.

Kurt Blome wurde in den Dienst des CIA genommen und bei den Nürnberger Prozessen trotz des öffentlichen Bekenntnisses zum Nationalsozialismus und zu Adolf Hitler freigesprochen. Im Laufe der Operation Artichoke entwickelte Frank Olson die Biowaffe Anthrax (Milzbrand), mithilfe des Wissens von Blome und anderer, das später bei Waffenexperimenten (Alaska / Karibik) getestet wurde. Man führte sogar Versuche mit Bacillus – Sporen in der Bucht von San Francisco durch, um herauszufinden, wie sich Krankheitserreger, bei einem russischen Angriff auf die USA, ausbreiten würden.
Die ABC – Waffen – Entwicklung (bakteriologische Kriegsführung) war Teil der Operation ARTICHOKE, das war jedoch nicht alles. Man knüpfte an die Meskalin – Versuche der KZ – Ärzte an und untersuchte die Wirkung von Drogen, Hypnose und Folter an Gefangenen.
1952 nahm man die Villa Schuster in Kronberg im Taunus ein und wandelte sie zur Forschungsstation um. In ihr hielt man wichtige Gefangene, wie russische Agenten fest, die mit Foltermethoden zum Sprechen gebracht werden sollten. Hierbei handelte es sich klar um Experimente für Bewusstseinskontrolle. Kurt Blome war ständiger Gast der Villa, in der man die Verhöre mit Hilfe von Drogen, Folter und Hypnosetechniken. . .”
Shrinkage, Pentagon
from FP
4/26/13 Newsletter

When it comes to the Pentagon’s brass, shrinkage is a reality. The era of unconstrained resources the Defense Department has enjoyed for more than the last decade meant some of the services became top heavy with general and flag officers, and now it’s time to get smaller. The review of general and flag officers recently completed by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Marty Dempsey likely means the ranks of general and flag officers will be trimmed as part of a broader effort to reduce the size of the military. It’s one of the more conspicuous ways the building can show it’s serious about changing the way it does business. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates had already called for the number of general and flag officers to decrease, but more cuts are on the way.
Former Pentagon press sec Geoff Morrell figures into the buzz about the upcoming release of “This Town,” a “takedown” of Washington’s schmooze-and-use culture, by NYT Magazine writer Mark Leibovich.

Politico captures a scene that reflects the kind of culture Leibovich is writing about, using a scene at a party with Morrell as he prepared to leave the Pentagon job: Politico’s lede: “A year after signing a book contract to chronicle the incestuous ecology of insider Washington, New York Times writer Mark Leibovich was schmoozing his way through a going-away party for Joe Lockhart atop the Glover Park Group headquarters. . . . The book is out July 16.
In Closing
This Newsletter has very good news in it. The DuPlessis Orphanage case (so close to, or the same, as our own) is progressing. It is tough going, but they are moving forwards, thanks in large part to the determination and unfaltering work of Rod V., in Canada.

That some of our issues have been recognized by the Catholic Church in Switzerland is huge, to many of us. It clearly helps to make credible, many claims. We are getting there. We urge all to please, keep surviving and working, credibly and effectively. Thank you.
Kelb, Inc.
Members, Writers, Editors, Board Members
Please Help Kelb
The struggle for survival is felt by all of us. So much goes into even one Newsletter such as this. Your $5, 10, helps keep us going and goes a long way. Please take a minute and help us.
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Our group, Kelb, Inc., “Keep The Ethical Light Burning”, is formed to deal with these issues of non-consensual experimentation; this unsolved American problem. Unethical experimentation was exposed in the Watergate scandal, and was a vital topic in subsequent Church Senate Subcommittee Hearings. In the ensuing years, it has not been dealt with, by any higher levels of government, or mil/intelligence agencies. We need help, to right the wrong and help the living survivors.

Our non-profit organization, Kelb is specifically concerned with non-consensual or unauthorized human subject testing. We are especially concerned with programs and projects, which experimented on unwitting human subjects, including children (some as far back as 1938). These were the MKUltra projects of U.S. military/intelligence: Bluebird, Artichoke, Pandora, Chatter, and others, including the biological and chemical testing programs.

It is illegal to experiment on anyone in this country without his or her informed consent. Forty five C.F.R. forty six clearly states that informed consent is a necessity. The Nuremberg Code established at the close of World War II, is the international legal standard for human experimentation. Violations of international law can be pleaded in the U.S. cases. The Wilson Directive (1953) is U.S. law clearly stating: human experimentation can occur only with the informed consent of the human subject. U.S. and international law is very clear.

Our mission is advocacy and support for victims of such as Nancy, (a composite of several victims) and exposure of their plight. We also intend that survivor/victims we work with, be made “whole”.
Please visit us on the world wide web:
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